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Solar Powered Rotary Display Turntable




Solar Powered Rotary Display Turntable 

Showcase jewellery, cell phones, gadgets, or any collectible you own with this versatile Solar Powered Display. The Solar Powered Display offers a full 360 degree rotation, giving your audience a complete view of the object that you want to display. Furthermore, it doesn’t require any batteries and is 100% maintenance free. Simply put any object of less than 200 grams on it and watch it spin. The Solar Powered Display requires so little lighting to operate that LED lighting and fluorescent lighting are generally strong enough to make the turntable spin.

- Solar Powered, 4 solar panels
- bearing weight: 200G
- Speed: 2-5 rotations/min (depending on weight and luminous intensity)
- Rotation Angle: 360°
- Transparent turntable diameter: 9 cm
- Base Stand Size: 10cm x 10cm x 4cm