Accessories for Continuous Lighting Clip on Modular LED Bars – Single Color

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Accessories for Continuous Lighting Clip on Modular LED Bars – Single Color 

In order to give your project the professional look it deserves, LED Montreal offers a range of clip-on accessories especially designed for your LED modules.

The LED corner connectors allow you to make perfect, lit up 90 degree angles that will link two rails together in an incredibly esthetical way. For the creative client, we also have a + shape LED connector that will allow you to make funky designs or simply light up a in a four way pattern. Please note that the choice of color only applies to these items as the other items have no influence on color. 

The linking connectors are used to bypass surrounding elements such as stoves and other appliances in a fast and easy way. Offered with wire of 15 or 150cm, they simply clip on the existing rail to keep the lighting going with a single power supply.

Since your LED modules do not require to be physically linked to one another, you could leave space between the modules that are installed on the same set of rails. Therefore, LED Montreal offers you the possibility of purchasing extra rails. Rails are available here.


1- Linking Connectors 15cm
2- Linking Connectors 150cm
3- 24V DC Power Connectors
4- Corner Connectors
5- + Shape Connectors

Professional grade products

Canadian and American Certifications

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