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24V 15m to 20m Multi Zone 5050 RGB 300 LED Strip Kit



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15m to 20m Multi Zone 24V RGB Strip kit - 60 LEDs per meter

The base kit includes 3 x 5m RGB (300 LED), 1x 24V 240W Hard Wired power Supply and 1x RGB Multi Zone Controller. You have the possibility of adding a remote control, a Wi-Fi controller or to select a longer kit by using the pull down menu above.

This RGB kit boldly goes where other RGB kits have never gone before ! Thanks to 24V technology, you can now push the limits of 60LED/m Strips and achieve a bright 20 meters circuit. We have combined this amazing product to a Multi Zone controller to bring you the Ultimate RGB kit !

The Multi Zone controller and remote offered with this state of the art kit allow you to control your LED Strip from a distance up 30 meters. As RF technology does not require a visible sensor, you can easily hide the controller anywhere. You can even dim your LED Strip Kit from a different room or even from outside your house, thanks to the sleek remote control or the WiFi Controller that allows you to operate your kit from a smart phone or tablet . Wishing to operate several kit with the same remote ? With the Multi Zone kit, you're all set. Our team has even prepared a complete page on how to set up your kit.

This RGB kit allows you to make a wide variety of colors but it does not have the possibility of making a true white. This kit achieves a very cool, blueish white by mixing red , blue and green. If you wish to get a true white, we recommend purchasing the RGB+W kit.

Setting up your kit is easy: have a qualified professional hook up your hard wired power supply to a 120V source then connect the 24V output wires in the screw in connectors of the controller. Then connect your Strips in the controller as shown in the illustration below, making sure that no more than 2 Strips are connected in series. You will achieve 20 meters by connecting two series of 2 Strips in parallel. See our FAQ to learn how to program your remote control.

Note that the RGB is offered in 24V (opposite most Strips that will run on 12V), and that allows you to make a circuit of up to 10 meters in series or 20 meters in parallel. Given that this product runs on 24V, you cannot use a 12V power supply for this Strip or use the provided power supply to try and power up a 12V product.

Like all hard wired products, the 120V power supply should be installed by a qualified professional.

iP65 LED Strip with 3M adhesive
For indoor use only
5M roll, 60LED/m . 300 LED total
Can be cut : Every 6 LED (10 cm)
Width : 10mm , height 2mm
Required Power: 9.6W/m at 24V
LED Type: 5050 SMD
Luminus flux on white : 720-760 lm/m