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24V DC Single Color 10m LED Neon Flex



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24V DC Single Color 10m LED Neon Flex

Create fun shapes and cool LED designs with the LED Neon Flex from LED Montreal. This super bright, plug and play LED Neon Flex is available in a 10 meter spool and comes with an included 24V 96W indoor power supply. The LED Neon Flex can be cut every 50 cm using a standard pair of scissors, by following the red cut guides behind the tube. Cut parts can be reconnected and reused thanks to the available DC connector and our individual power supplies.

The LED Neon Flex is available in warm white, cool white, blue, red, green and pink. It runs at 24V and consumes 7W per meter.  The LED Neon Flex is not self adhesive and can be held in place with the Neon Flex Aluminum mounting clips. Measuring only 9mm wide by 18 mm high, the LED Neon Flex can be used outdoors at temperatures up to -20 degrees Celsius.

Want to give your LED Neon Flex display that special punch? Use our 11 key Dimmer and get 10 different flashing modes, variable speed within each mode plus dimming and on/off functions!

What is the minimum bending radius of the led neon flex material

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