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24V 10 to 20m RF Multi Zone Single Color 3528 120 LED/m LED Strip kit

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24V 10 to 20m RF Multi Zone Single Color 3528 120 LED/m LED Strip kit

The kit in the picture is the 20m kit, you can change to a 10m or 15m kit in the pull down menu.
LED Montreal is proud to introduce the Revolutionary 24V 3528 Epistar Single Color LED Strip in 10 to 20 meter length. The Epistar Single Color 10 to 20 Meter 3528 LED Strip kit allows you to create up to 64 feet long super bright LED lighting that is controlled by a unique RF dimmer. The LED contained in each of the 120 chips per meter (600 LEDs total per Strip) found on this Strip produce a brightness of up to 850 lumens per meter .

The Multi Zone controller and remote offered with this state of the art kit allow you to control your LED Strip from a distance up 30 meters. As RF technology does not require a visible sensor, you can easily hide the controller anywhere. You can even dim your LED Strip Kit from a different room or even from outside your house, thanks to the sleek remote control. Wishing to operate several kit with the same remote ? With the Multi Zone kit, you're all set.
The Single Color 10 to 20 Meter 3528 LED Strip kit was designed to perform with the provided parts, including the high capacity controller. Do not try to replace the controller or the power supply with generic parts as it may damage your Strip.

Ideal to really light up a crown molding around your favorite room or to enhance any store display, the Epistar Single Color 10 to 20 Meter 3528 LED Strip kit features self adhesive iP65 splash proof silicone-covered strips. You can select the color temperature in the drop down menu (Warm White: 3000K, Natural White: 4500K or Cool White 6000K).
PLEASE NOTE: Thekit is powered by a strong, hard wired power supply, it is only compatible with the provided dimmer. Do not attempt to connect a different controller to this kit. 24V circuitry allows you to connect your 2 Strips back to back without any loss in brightness. This means that you will need to split your circuit in from the controller, connecting a maximum of 10 meters in each of the two outputs of your controller.

About the driver: This power supply is rated iP65, which means that it can be used in a humid environment, if required. Keep in mind that the connections are not waterproof and need to be protected. The 24V power supplies provide constant 24V current and feature two distinct ports for input and output: the 120V AC input has 3 wire connections: one for the live wire, one for the neutral wire and one for the ground. The 24V DC output features 2 connections: one positive and one negative, provided with 14 gauge wires. Always install your driver vertically.

Compliant with worldwide safety regulations for lighting, our Mean Well hard wired power supplies have been the electrician’s choice for several years!

This single output power supply has integrated protection from short circuits, over current and over voltage as well as over temperature. All circuitry of the power supply is concealed inside a fully isolated aluminum case that is cooled by free air convection.

Important Note: The 24V power supplies are not compatible with AC dimmers. You will, however be able to dim your Strip with the provided remote control. Hard Wired 120V connections being required for this power supply, installation should be made by a qualified professional according to your local building code.

Ip65 or Ip20 Strip with 3M adhesive
Suitable for indoor usage
Dimensions: 5 meter long, 0.8cm wide and 0.3cm thick
5 meter strip, 120 LEDs per meter, 600 LEDs in total per strip
Required Power: 24V, 9.6W/m
Recommended Power: 24V, 12W/m
Can be cut every 6 LED (20 cm)
LED type: 3528 SMD
Lighting angle: 120 degrees
Luminous intensity:850 lm/m
Available Colors: Warm White (3000k), Natural White (4500k), Cool White (6000k)