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Accessories for LED Neon Flex



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Accessories for LED Neon Flex

LED Montreal offers a variety of Neon Flex accessories and connectors to help you customize your project.

The Aluminium Mounting Clip(1) allows you to fix the Neon Flex in position. We recommend using size 4 screws.

It is important to safeguard the endings of the Neon Flex with End Caps(2) that will allow you to securely shelter your Neon Flex's end with an aesthetic finishing.

It is possible to cut the Neon Flex every 50cm. The Connector to Neon 2 Pin(3) can be sold separately and it's included in number 4 and 5. By itself, this connector can not be used  to connect two Neons.

The Neon to Neon(4) allows to connect 2 leftovers pieces one after the other.

The Neon to Neon with 9cm Wire(5) is ideal for turning a corner without having to bend and twist the neon

The Power Cable(6) for your Neon Flex is very useful should you wish to cut your Neon Flex and use the remaining part for another application. This electrical extension must be installed at the cut point of your Neon Flex using the Polarized Two Pin Connector which has on one side: the rounded side and the side with the long and pointed pins connects to your Neon Flex

The accessories can be found in the drop-down menu:

1. Aluminum Mounting Clip (we recommend using size 4 screws)
2. End Cap
3. Connector to Neon 2 Pin
4. Neon to Neon (includes 2 sets of connecting pins)
5. Neon to Neon with 9cm Wire (includes 2 sets of connecting pins)
6. Power cable (includes connecting pins)

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