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Battery Powered 1m RGB LED Strip Kit with Wired Controller



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Battery Powered 1m RGB LED Strip Kit with Wired Controller

Our complete 1 m RBG LED strip kit is perfect for your small projects. You can now light up your creations for a low cost. This kit includes all that you need to enhance the lighting of any room. What you get: a 1 meter RGB LED strip that allows to choose the color of your lighting, a simple to use wired RGB controller and a 12V battery pack.

Let your imagination run wild and light up your furniture, shelves, cupboard and more at an incredible price! This kit includes a wired RGB controller that allows you to choose from 20 colors and 20 color changing modes at the simple touch of a button. You wish to get a wireless remote instead of a wired controller? No problem! Simply use the dropdown menu in order to select the wireless remote option for only 5$ extra.

This 1 meter RBD LED strip kit can also be extended to up to 3 meters. You can add up to two additional 1 meter sections, available at only $10 per section. Need less than 1 m ? You can cut the Strip every 5 cm ( 3 LEDs)

The 1m RGB LED Strip kit includes:

1 m LED RGB Strip (30 LEDs)
1 12V Battery Pack
1 wired controller

Size of the battery pack:

Length: 12.5cm
Width: 7cm
Height: 2cm

Is this a rechargeable battery? Curious what the ac plug is for?

Asked by Greg  | 10/12/2018, 10:10 | 1 answer(s)

I would like to make a stickman costume for Halloween that changes colour. Will the LED strips have distinct dots of light or is it continuously lit?

Asked by Bern | 10/15/2017, 23:25 | 1 answer(s)

If I order 3m of 30 LED/m RGB strip, does this come in one continuous strip of LEDs, or is it divided into 3x1m segments that I can use separately (with a t-splitter)?

Asked by Bern | 10/15/2017, 23:13 | 1 answer(s)

How long will the battery last if you plug in 1meter of strip led non-stop approximitaly.

Asked by Simon arseneault | 11/13/2016, 08:20 | 1 answer(s)

Hi, How large is the battery pack? Thank you!

Asked by Sarah-Maude | 05/17/2016, 22:05 | 1 answer(s)