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Continuous Lighting Clip on Modular LED Bars – Single Color


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Continuous Lighting Clip on Modular LED Bars – Single Color

Installing custom sized LED bars is easier and more affordable than ever with the Single color continuous lighting clip on-rail LED bars from LED Montreal. These bars will do an amazing job for under cabinet lighting, in your closet, your workshop or even on your walls.

Producing a continuous light (no LED dots or hot spots) on a 180 degree angle, these super bright bars are powered by 24V, 2835 LED chips that produce 1200 lumens per meter. They are available in 3 shades of white: 3000K (Warm white), 4000K (Natural white) and 6000K (Cool white) and are fully dimmable through a 11 key remote system, a Multi Zone system or via a standard wall dimmer, using one of our dimmable LED Drivers. If you choose to use a dimmable driver, please select NO DIMMER in the pulldown menu and purchase a dimmable driver according to the length of your set up on as stated on our driver page.

Installing your continuous lighting LED Bars is easy! The product has two part: the rail and the LED Module. The rail is installed directly on the mounting surface and can be cut to length with a standard metal saw. We recommend using 3m double sided tape or screws to secure your rail onto the mounting surface. Once your rail is installed, you can begin your project by clipping the included power connector onto your first rail. The clip-on system makes this easy and safe. Note that the power connector comes with 1.5m of wire and a DC connector at the end. 

Once the rail installed, you can integrate the LED Modules on the rail by clipping the module on the rail, no further connections needed! Modules do not require to be installed right next to one another: you can leave a space between each module if you wish. Don’t forget to connect your 24V power supply to the power connector to light up your project. 

When a project requires more than one rail, it is not necessary that the two rails be perfectly attached to one another. Simply make sure that a module makes the bridge between the two rails and the module will make the link between the two rails. 

In order to give your project the professional look it deserves, LED Montreal offers a range of clip-on accessories especially designed for your LED modules. The LED corner connectors allow you to make perfect, lit up 90 degree angles that will link two rails together in an incredibly esthetical way. For the creative client, we also have a + shape LED connector that will allow you to make funky designs or simply light up a in a four way pattern. Finally the linking connectors are used to bypass surrounding elements such as stoves and other appliances in a fast and easy way. Offered with wire of 15 or 150cm, they simply clip on the existing rail to keep the lighting going with a single power supply.

To keep things simple, the rail is always included when you purchase the LED modules. The rail is always longer than the LED Module in order to accommodate connectors and corners. Choose the desired length of LED that you require and we will include the rail in your package. Additional rail lengths are available as well. 

LED Length     Rail Length 

20 cm                  24cm
30 cm                  34cm
60 cm                  64cm
1 m                   1,24 m 

You can hook up to 10 meters of LED to your power supply. We invite you to consult this page in order to choose the perfect power supply for your set up as the power supply is not included in the price of the modular bars. 

Continuous Lighting Clip-on Modular LED Bars

For indoor usage - Integrated heat dissipation
Available lengths: 20cm, 30cm, 60cm, 1m
Max. Width (including rail): 21mm
Height(including rail): 23mm
Power consumption: 24V, 15W /m
Recommended Power: 24V, 19W /m
LED Type: 2835 SMD
Luminous flux: 1200 lm/m
Available whites: 3000K, 4000K, 6000K

Here are the recommended power supplies based on the length of Modular LED bars used: 

Plug-in power supply, non dimmable: 
Up to 2m: 48W
2m to 3m: 72W
3m to 5m: 112W

Hard wired power supply: 
0 to 1m: 24W
1m to 2m: 48W
2m to 3m: 60W
4m to 7m: 150W Mean well
7m to 10m: 187W Mean well 

Dimmable power supply (hard wired):
1m to 2m: 45W
2m to 3m: 60W
4m to 5m: 96W
5m to 7m: 150W

I am interested in the LED lighting strips to replace my fluorescent undercounter light fixtures. My fixtures are hardwired and I would like to know if the same wiring can be used for LED light strips. Also can you provide assistance to purchase the correct products?
Thank you

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