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RGB extension cord with Connectors



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RGB extension cord with Connectors

Need to make an extension between 2 RGB LED strips or from your controller to your RGB LED strip? Then this  RGB extension cord with connectors is the product that you’re looking for! No more cutting, skinning, twisting, soldering and taping wires, the RGB extension is a plug and play do it with your eyes closed solution.

The RGB extension is available in three lengths: 1, 2 or 3 meters ( simply select the required product in the pulldown menu) and comes with a male connector on one end that connects in your controller and a female connector on the other end that connects in your strip. Need a female to female extension, not a problem, the 4 pin male connector is removable, so you can easily adapt your extension based on your project.

You can also purchase additional 4 pin connectors to make it a male to male extension. Easy, just connect your extensions one after the other and get exactly the length that you need for your project!

For more info on how to use connectors and accessories see: How to cut and reconnect LED strips using solderless connectors

Technical Drawing RGB 1 meter extension