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10 Key RF Remote and Controller for RGB LED Strips



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10 Key RF Remote and Controller for RGB LED Strips

You can now control your RGB LED Strip from up to 30 meters with the radio frequency (RF) 10 Key RF Remote and Controller for RGB LED Strips kit from LED Montreal. The small size controller (less than 5 cm long) allows you to hide it almost anywhere, helping you conceive amazingly aesthetic projects. Furthermore, unlike conventional infra red kits, you will not need to leave a visible sensor to operate your LED RGB Strip. As a matter of fact, you will be able, in most cases, to operate your lighting system from the next room.

The 10 keys of the remote give you access to multiples functions such as: power on and off your Strip, dim it, change colors manually and choose the speed and automatic color change mode of your LED RGB Strip.

This controller is compatible with both 12V and 24V equipment.

Kit includes:
1 RF Controller
1 10 key remote with included battery

Make sure that your remote is always ready for action by ordering extra batteries here ! 

*** Unsure if this RGB controller and remote will best suit your needs? Visit our RGB Controllers and Remotes Buyer's Guide to compare specifications from all of LED Montreal’s vast selection of RGB Controllers and remotes and make an informed decision.

How is the RF remote shielded or encoded? I want to use this in my truck, will the lights randomly come on or change color if someone else has a similar system near by or is locking/unlocking their car? If this is encoded & I lose my remote, how difficult is it to replace & recode the remote?

Asked by Ben | 10/25/2016, 12:09 | 1 answer(s)

I want to have 3 separate sets of lights and I know I need 3 receivers but can I use one remote control all of the lights?

Asked by Gary Viola | 03/25/2014, 11:29 | 1 answer(s)