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3M Magnetic Tape



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3M Magnetic Tape

The 3M Magnetic Tape from LED Montreal is a general purpose, adhesive backed, flexible magnet tape that allows attachment of objects and surfaces to metallic surfaces. The flexible 3M Magnetic Tape is a great solution for your LED applications requiring the installation of LED Bars and Profiles. You can also use the 3M Magnetic Tape to hold different LED Party Accessories and LED Gadgets from LED Montreal in place.

Simply put, not only is the 3M Magnetic Tape great for your LED projects, it has a range of applications ranging from arts and crafts (hanging artwork), household (attachment of seasonal decorations), or commercial (labelling). In other words, it is great for attaching nonmagnetic objects to metal surfaces such as fridges, door frames, cabinets, lockers, shelving units and so much more.

The 3M Magnetic Tape is flexible, easy to cut and has an adhesive back to allow you to use practically on any surface. The Magnetic Tape is 1.5cm in width and 1mm thick.

Select your desired 3M Magnetic Tape length by increments of 1m or the entire 10m roll from the drop down-menu.