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44 Key IR Remote and Controller for RGB LED Strips



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44 Key IR Remote and Controller for RGB LED Strips

The 44 Key Remote and Controller for RGB LED Strips from LED Montreal offers all the functions of the 24 key Remote and Controller but has more color modes and options. You can choose from a total of 20 preset colors but the fun doesn’t stop there!

The 44 Key remote also features a custom color creation mode. Simply select a color and press one of the 6 custom DYI (Do It Yourself) keys to assign the color to that key. You can then add or remove some Red, Green and Blue to create your very own custom color. Press the DYI key again to save your color.

This controller is compatible with 12V equipment ONLY

Package includes:
44 Key Remote
Controller for RGB LED Strips

*** Unsure if this RGB controller and remote will best suit your needs? Visit our RGB Controllers and Remotes Buyer's Guide to compare specifications from all of LED Montreal’s vast selection of RGB Controllers and remotes and make an informed decision.

Is this controller RF or IR?

Asked by Howard Bertolo | 11/01/2020, 16:57 | 1 answer(s)

I think we can't have an RGB LED strip and at the same time have the warm white. So my question is, with the 44 key remote can we come close to DIY warm white?

thank you

Asked by francis | 10/21/2016, 00:33 | 1 answer(s)

Hi, purchased 44 Key Remote/Controller and 5 Meter RGB LED Strip (300 SMD), both rated at 6A. My power source is 12volts, 5A. Only using 4 meters of strip for main zone. With leftover RGB strip and a 2nd 44 Key Remote/Controller...

Can I run as little as only (2) RGB Strips of 6 LEDs each & not burn them out? Thanks, really love the RGB strips!

Asked by Hansel Lafferty | 10/07/2015, 06:11 | 1 answer(s)