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Double Sided 3M 9495LE Tape for LED Strips

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Double Sided 3M 9495LE Tape for LED Strips

LED Montreal has a new and thinner 3M double sided tape added to its line of products; the Double Sided 3M 9495LE Tape for LED Strips which is completely transparent and perfect for your LED projects that may require many LED Strips.

This double sided 3M tape comes in a 55 meter roll, is 10mm in width, transparent and super strong. Most of our LED Strips are self adhesive but will eventually get unstuck if installed upside down, under a kitchen cabinet for example. This double sided 3M tape is perfect for any permanent installation where your surface is smooth and silky or where rigid LED bars and profiles are not self adhesive. Its thickness of 0.170mm has the advantage of assuring an efficient heat exchange therefore permitting a longer lighting period for the LED strips.

NOTE: For porous surfaces, outdoor usage, wet and marine environments or usage with IP 68 strips, we suggest using the Double Sided 3M Acrylic Tape for LED Strips

Installation procedure:

Make sure that your surface is clean and dry. Peel off the protector and install the double sided tape, remove the protector covering the adhesive on your led strip (if any) and install while applying constant even pressure on the strip. Allow to dry for 24h.


Roll length: 55 meters
Width: 10mm
Adhesive: Acrylic, 300LSE
Color: Clear
Tape type: Double coated, double sided.
Installation temperature range: 70 to 100° Fahrenheit, (21 to 38° Celcius)
Thickness: 0.0067" (0.170mm)
Adhesive thickness: 0.0062" (0.157mm)
Liner thickness: 0.0005" (0.013mm)

I'm about to mount under our cabinets a bunch of 3014 LED strips. I use a 3m double sided tape on our last kitchen and it worked awesomely. I'm am out of the double sided tape I use the first time.

I see this note on your website: "Do not use the Double Sided 3M Acrylic Tape on 3014 LED Strips for more than 4 consecutive hours at full intensity."

What do you suggest I use?

Luke Antoniuk

Asked by Luke Antoniuk | 02/12/2018, 22:00 | 1 answer(s)