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RF Advanced Touch Controller and Remote



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RF Advanced Touch Controller and Remote

Here is the only RF Controller that will support up to 20 meters of RGB LED Strip on a single circuit. You want to upgrade your current LED strip setup or you just want to convert it to a RF (Radio Frequency) controlled system so you don’t have to point your remote at your controller every time? The RF Advanced Touch Controller and Remote from LED Montreal is the product you need!

The Compact RF Controller is small in size (105 mm x 86mm) and is operated through RF (Radio Frequency), meaning that it can be concealed almost anywhere as the remote does not need to be in range with a specific sensor to interact with the controller. It features a LED backlit 7 key RF touch remote that offers a range of up to 20 meters. The remote comes with its own cradle that can be installed on a wall, making the remote easily accessible and reducing the risk of losing it. Colors can be selected directly with the center touchpad of the remote while you can browse through the 7 flash color modes (no smooth transitions available) with the help of 2 dedicated keys. The remote also allows you to control the speed of the changes as well as the brightness of your RGB LED Strip while you are in the Steady Color Mode. Please note that the color white cannot be accessed directly from the center touch pad. You will be required to browse through the available colors in order to select white.

This controller is compatible with both 12V and 24V equipment.

The two powerful outputs this state of the art controller will let you connect from 5 to 20m of RGB LED Strips on the same circuit according to the following connection patterns:

5m: 1x 5m LED RGB strip, 1-3A Power Supply, 1- RF Controller with Remote. Configuration: 5 meters in either one of the outputs of the Controller.
10m: 2x 5M LED RGB strips, 1-6A Power Supply, 1- RF Controller with Remote. Configuration: 5 meters in each output of the Controller.
15m: 3x 5M LED RGB strips, 1-10A Power Supply, 1- RF Controller with Remote. Configuration: 5 meters in one output of the Controller and 10 meters in the second output (2 X 5m strips connected together).
20m: 4x 5M LED RGB strips, 1-10A Power Supply, 1- RF Controller with Remote. Configuration: 10 meters in each output of the Controller.

The Compact RF Controller also offers a musical mode that, when activated, will sync the Color changes of your RGB LED Strips to music according to 15 preprogrammed patterns that are accessible through the remote control. You can choose to sync your music through its smart microphone feature that will capture ambient music and convert it to cool lighting effects without any extra connections. Please note that although there is a music input plug, it is not active, only the smart microphone is.

How to properly install your Sound Controller unit.
First, please ensure that the power supply is connected correctly. The green or blue light on the power supply will turn on when it is. Make sure to open the green connecting ports by unscrewing the screws first. Make sure that the wires are properly skinned and that the metal clamps of the ports make contact with the metallic wire (not the plastic coating). On the green port on the right, the red wire has to be connected in the + port, the black one in the other port. On the other side of the controller, there’s 2 green connecting ports labeled RGB +:
Red goes in R, Green in G, Blue in B and Black in +.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to install your Music Controller and make it work properly.


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