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Pack of 2 Premium Bicycle wheel LED pattern producer (11 LEDs ea.)


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Pack of 2 Premium Bicycle wheel LED pattern producer (11 LEDs ea.)

Best way to create superb light patterns on both your bicycle wheels with this premium LED gadget.

  • • Each pattern producer has 11 colorful LEDs
  • • 12 different kinds of patterns that change every 4 seconds
  • • Pattern is clear and complete when riding at up to 20km/h
  • • The built-in motion sensor makes sure it only lights up while in action, which saves your batteries’ energy.
  • • Includes 6 AG12 replaceable batteries
  • • Lasts up to 12 hours (of work)
  • • American, French and British valve swap
  • • One package includes 2 pattern producers, one for each wheel!

 This LED pattern producer is compatible with American and European models like Schrader or Presta.

It only looks like it's Schrader valve compatible. Does it work with Presta valves?

Asked by Alex | 01/07/2015, 19:28 | 0 answer(s)