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12V AC-DC MR16 7W Dimmable COB LED Light Bulb


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12V AC-DC MR16 7W  Dimmable COB LED Light Bulb 

Welcome to the next level of LED Bulbs with the new top of the line COB LED Light Bulbs from LED Montreal.  The COB (Chip On Board) LED technology used in these Bulbs make them amazingly bright while only consuming 7 watts of power. As a matter of fact, they are so efficient that they can be used to replace standard 50 Watt halogen lights. Furthermore, COB LED Lights Bulbs have an expected lifetime of 30 000 hours. Simply put, they save you up to 65% in energy (vs. a standard 50 watts halogene or incandescent bulb) while lasting a very, very long time. That means you will not have to replace them as often, saving you on the purchase of replacement bulbs.  Now that’s what we call giving you amazing value and quality for your money. 

The 12V MR16 7W Dimmable COB LED Light Bulb is dimmable from 100% to 10% and available in PAR16 size (standard spot size of 50mm of diameter). It is offered to you in both Warm and Cool White (3000K for warm & 5000K for cool), allowing you to get the correct color temperature for your needs. Cool White is often used for areas that require a lighting similar to the one produced by a neon, while Warm White is more suitable for applications where a standard incandescent or halogen light would be used. For more information on which shade of white would suit your needs, visit the Warm White Cold White buying guide. You can select the light that best suits your needs in the pull down menu above. Please note that the listed price for is for one unit. We have included three bulbs in the picture in order to illustrate the three different socket types available.
The COB LED Light Bulbs are very sturdy and are rated for commercial use either indoors or outdoors, in an environment where they would not be directly exposed to water and harsh weather. The compact size of the COB LED Light Bulbs allows them to fit most standard open retrofit fixtures and track lights.

Visit our FAQ section on COB to learn more about this exciting technology.

Technical Specifications 12V 7W COB LED Bulb
Housing: Aluminum casing
Socket Type: MR16
Dimensions: see technical drawings
LED Consumption: 7W
Good replacement for: 50W halogen 
Dimmable: Yes (100% to 10%)
Input Voltage: 12V AC-DC
Beam Angle: 40°
CCT: Warm White: 3000K, Cool White: 5000K
Lumens: Warm White: 450lm
            Cool White: 480lm
Working Temperature: -10~50°C
Storage temperature: -20~50°C


Technical drawing bulbs 7w

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