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24V IP68 300 RGB+W LED Strip (Strip Only)



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24V IP68 300 RGB+W LED Strip (Strip Only)

A new IP68 Strip from LED Montreal which includes RGB + White all on one strip with the 24V IP68 300 RGB+W LED Strip (Strip Only)

Want the best, most colorful outdoor RGB LED lighting setup with a true white that you can use outdoors on your patio, poolside, gazebo, RV, trailer, boat, cottage or anywhere outside? The 24V IP68 300 5050 RGB+W LED Strip (Strip Only) from LED Montreal is what you need in order to impress all your neighbours! The W in RGB+W means the RGB strip has an extra chip that is actually white.  With the RGB strip, when all LEDS are at their maximum brightness, the light perceived “seems” white.  While a RGB strip can deliver something that is close to white, a white LED chip gives you a true white.

What does IP 68 mean in the 24V IP68 300 RGB+W LED Strip?

IP stands for the International Protection marking, which is an IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standard. The first digit (6) stands for its resistance to dust and general dirt and sand.  The second digit (8) provides certification for water resistance. IP 68 means that the strip is protected from total dust ingress, and long term immersion up to a specified pressure.   Generally speaking, your strip is perfect for outdoors use through all sorts of weather.

Note that to operate this LED strip, you will need an RGB+W TCC controller and a 24V 3A power supply. The drop down will allow you to pick your preferred length of RGB+W LED strip to perfectly match your needs!

About the IP68 RGB+W Strip Kits:

•    Includes IP68 RGB+W Strips with 60 - 5050 LEDS per meter
•    The Strip can be cut at every 6 LEDs to better suit your project
•    Each Strip has a length of 5 meters (300 LEDs total) and a width of 14mm
•    If you order a 10 meter kit, you will receive 2 x 5m Strips

Note that only the LED strip is waterproof, the connectors at both ends of the strip are not waterproof and must not be in contact with water or moisture. You can use extra silicon and heat shrink tube to make your setup safer.
The IP68 strips are not self-adhesive; to maintain them in place we suggest using GE pure silicone and 3M double-sided adhesive tape. Simply put the silicone on the back of the strip, and then put the double-sided tape on top of the silicone. Once the silicone is dry, your strip is ready to install! Additional option when looking for a sharp and subtle way to hold your IP68 LED strips; the Silicone Mounting Brackets for LED Strips from LED Montreal are a great solution.

If  you are looking to install IP68 submersible LED strips to your awning, pool, deck, RV, boat, docks, or anything of that nature, we invite you to read our page on how to install your under awning LED strips.

RGB+W 300 Strip Specifications

iP68 LED Strip (submersible)
For indoor and outdoor use
5M roll, 60LED/m. 300 LED total per roll
Strip Width : 14mm
Can be cut: Every 6 LED (10 cm)

Required Power: 14W/m at 24V max
LED Type: 5050

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