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12V RF Multi Channel (1 to 99) 5050 RGB LED Strips Kit



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12V RF Multi Channel (1 to 99) RGB LED Strips Kit

You’ve always wanted an LED Multi Zone controller but you need more than 4 zones or are annoyed by the fact that you need a remote for your RGB Strip and one remote for your Single color Strip. LED Montreal has the solution you have been looking for: The Advanced Multi Channel System! (1 to 99 channels)

Please note that this system is for users requiring more than 4 Zones in their LED Strip set up. If you plan on setting up an LED system of 4 zones of less, the Multi Zone system is the product for you. This product demands programming and is intended for intermediate to advanced LED Controller users. It is not recommend for beginners or technically challenged users as we offer a limited support for this product. We suggest that you get comfortable and familiar with the instructions of this product as they represent the only support available for the Advanced Multi Channel LED System.

With The Advanced Multi Channel system from LED Montreal sky is the limit as it lets you control up to 9999 controllers divided in up to 99 Channels. Furthermore, the Advanced Multi Channel system will control all types of LED Strips, thanks to its programmable controllers. That‘s right, the Advanced Multi Channel controller can be programmed to be used with Single color, Adjustable white, RGB or RGB+W Strips all on the same remote or smart phone app through the WiFi iBox controller!  

The Advanced Multi Channel system is made for long lengths and open spaces! Thanks to its unique technology, the Advanced Multi Channel LED system controllers will perfectly sync with other controllers on the same Channel within a 30 meter range as each controller will communicate with one another to act as a signal repeater. This means that you could literally install several 20 meters set up in line and have them perfectly synchronized, behaving as if they were literally all connected together.

Instructions on programming your controller for:

Single Color LED Strips
Warm White Cool White Adjustable LED Strips
RGB LED Strips
RGB+W LED Strips