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18” Bi-Color LED Ring Vlogging Kit MOBIRL18 (Mobifoto)


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18” Bi-Color LED Ring Vlogging Kit MOBIRL18 (Mobifoto)

Professional design with 18 inch USB powered ring light with 416 high power LEDs for even lighting of your subject with great power. The MOBIRL18 is designed for use with today's smartphones in portrait or landscape mode. It consists of 208 Daylight LED's and 208 Tungsten LED's, which can both be adjusted for intensity from 100% down to 10%. This kit also includes a reverse-folding 4-section light stand for easy mounting, as well as a mini ball head to mount your ring light to get the perfect lighting angle. It also comes with 3 flexible smartphone mounts with capabilities to mount it in portrait or landscape mode.


• Designed for today's cameras and smartphones
• 416 powerful LED lights: Daylight LED's: 208 / Tungsten LED's: 208
• Dimmable for precise output
• Runs cool for close up use
• Produces a soft, directional light
• Great for unique lighting effects, macro and its signature catch-lights
• Color correct for perfect skin tones
• Includes built-in USB port to power other devices
• Comes with a padded carry case, light stand, mini ball head and smartphone mount

• Light: 416 LED's (208 Daylight I 208 Tungsten)
• Color Temperature: 3200°K - 5800°K
• Color Rendering Index (CRI): > 90
• Power Source: 120V AC 50 I 60Hz
• Dimensions: Outer: 18" I Inner: 12.4" I Weight: 2.76 lb
• Light Stand Max Height: 63"
• Accessories: Light stand, AC adapter, mini ball head with shoe mount, mini ball head with 1/4"-20 screw, flexible smartphone adapter (3), smartphone adapter with 1/4"-20 mount, accessory storage pouch and padded carry case



Your light stand has the ability to reverse-fold its legs for more compact storage.
1. Loosen the Lock Knob on leg brace assembly.
2. Spread the legs out so that they now are below the light stand and then tighten the Lock Knob to secure.
3. To raise the light stand to your desired height, loosen respective lock knobs on each light stand section and raise each one until you have reached your desired height. Make sure to tighten the lock knobs.
4. Take the ring light and loosen the knob on the base of the mount. Align it above the light stand and then install the base onto the light stand.
5. Tighten the mount knob to ensure that it is securely mounted on the light stand.

You are able to mount various objects inside the ring of the ring light, such as cameras or
smartphones. You can mount up to 3 smartphones with the included flexible smartphone adapters.

1. For smartphone installation, take the Flexible Smartphone Adapter and screw it into one of the three the 1/4"-20 receptacles located inside of the ring light.
2. Once secure, insert your smartphone by stretching the spring-loaded mount and inserting the smartphone into the mount. When you release The mount, it will automatically clamp your smartphone, keeping it secure. To change the orientation from portrait to landscape, rotate the mount to the desired ori~'ntation. You may bend the flexible mount so that it may extend in front of your ring light. You may also bend it to any desired angle, and it will hold it's position.
3. To remove your smartphone, simply stretch the ends of the smartphone mount to release the smartphone. The smartphone adapter can hold smartphones from 2.5 to 3.3 inches wide.

Your ring light is equipped with 3 shoe mounts on the outside of the ring light at the top and sides.
1. Take the ball head with built-in shoe mount and slide it into any of the mounts on the ring light.
2. You can mount any object to the ball head, including a camera, camcorder, smartphone via the smartphone adapter with 1/4"-20 mount, microphone or any other accessory with a standard 1/4"-20 mount.
3. There are three shoe mounts on your ring light - at the top and on the sides. Make sure that you have securely tightened the knurled knob on the ball head prior to attaching your equipment. Failure to do so may result in the ball head slipping out of the shoe mount and potentially damaging your equipment.

1. First, attach the included mini ball head with built-in 1/4"-20 screw to any mount inside the ring.
2. Mount your camera or camcorder to the ball head by aligning the receptacle in the bottom of your camera to the 1/4"-20 threaded screw of the ball head.
3. Rotate your camera until it is securely fastened to the ball head. Make positioning adjustments to the ball head by using the lock screw on the ball head.

1. Connect the AC adapter between the ring light and an AC outlet.
2. To turn on the unit, turn the ON/OFF (left) knob clockwise to turn on the ring light.
3. To adjust the light intensity, continue to rotate the ON/OFF knob. Rotating it to the right will increase the light output, and rotating it to the left will decrease the light output.
4. To adjust the color temperature, rotate the Color Temperature (right) knob.
5. Rotating it to the right will increase the Daylight LED's and rotating it to the left will increase the Tungsten LED's.
6. Use both knobs in conjunction with each other to achieve your desired light temperature and output.
7. To turn off the unit, turn the ON/OFF (left) knob fully counter-clockwise to turn off the ring light.
8. Your ring light also includes a SV USB port for charging devices, such as a smartphone. Connect a USB cord (not included) between the USB port and your device. The ring light must be plugged into an AC outlet and turned on in order to use power the USB port.