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Epistar Single Color 10 Meter 5050 LED Strip kit

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Epistar Single Color 10 Meter 5050 LED Strip kit

LED Montreal is proud to introduce the 5050 Epistar Single Color LED Strip in a 10 meter length. The Epistar Single Color 10 Meter 5050 LED Strip kit allows you to create a 32 feet long super bright LED lighting that is controlled by a unique RF dimmer. The three LEDs contained in each of the 60 chips per meter (600 LEDs total) found on this Strip kit make the 5050 Epistar LED, the brightest LED type currently available on the market.

The Radio Frequency (RF) controller and 11 key remote included in this state of the art kit allow you to control your LED Strip from a distance up 30 meters. As RF technology does not require a visible sensor, you can easily hide the controller anywhere. You can even dim your LED Strip Kit or use one of 6 included flashing mode from a different room or even from outside your house, thanks to the sleek 11 key RF remote control.

The Epistar Single Color 10 Meter 5050 LED Strip kit was designed to perform with the provided parts, including the high capacity controller. Do not try to replace the controller or the power supply with generic parts as it may damage your Strip.

Ideal to really light up under your kitchen cabinets or to enhance any store display, the Epistar Single Color 10 Meter 5050 LED Strip kit features self adhesive iP65 splash proof silicone-covered strips. The Epistar Single Color 10 Meter 5050 LED Strip kit is also available with iP68 rated submersible Strips. You can select the Ip68 waterproofing as well as the color temperature in the drop down menu (cool white: 6000K or warm white: 3200K). Please note that only the Strips themselves are rated for water proofing. End connectors, power supplies, controllers and remotes should not be exposed to water or humidity.

Setting up your kit is fast and easy. Simply install a Strip on each side of the provided Y shape splitter (5m going left and 5m going right). Then connect the male part of the RF controller to the splitter and the female connector of the controller to the 10A power supply. You are then ready to use your new Epistar Single Color 10 Meter 5050 LED Strip kit.

PLEASE NOTE: As this kit is powered by a strong 10A power supply, it is only compatible with the included Advanced 11 key RF dimmer. Do not attempt to connect a different controller to this kit. As well, always ensure to you set up your full kit prior to connecting it to the power supply, as it may damage the chips of a single LED Strip. Please see the connection diagram below for all the details.

Technical Drawing 10 Meter RF Single Color

The 5050 Strips MUST benefit from proper heat dissipation in order to ensure proper performance and durability. Attempting to install this LED Strip on an improper surface, such as wood or dry wall, will permanently damage the Strip. In order to obtain proper heat dissipation, you must install the 5050 LED Strip in an Aluminum profile or metallic surface.