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10 Meter RF LED Strip Bundle 2x 300 RGB LED Strip



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10 Meter RF LED Strip Bundle 2x 300 RGB LED Strip

The brightest RGB LED Strip on the market is now available in an easy to connect 10 meter 300 LED RF bundle. This RGB LED kit from LED Montreal spans 10 meters (32 feet) long and has a total of 600 Super Bright LED lights. Its length and brightness make this bundle ideal to produce a great lighting effect on your walls, such as wall washing or to create a cool lighting behind white curtains. The 300 LED RGB Strip is so bright, it does not only create a light ambiance, it actually lights up your project. If you are used to standard 150 LED Strips, we would like to welcome you to the next level!

The kit consists of 2 x 5 meter strip that are linked together with a T shape connector located between the two strips. The kit is powered by a 10A power supply and controlled by a high capacity RF controller. The included 11 key remote allows you to choose among dimmable 20 colors and 7 automatic colors changing modes and has a range of up to 30 meters. The Radio Frequency technology lets you control your strip through walls, without the need for a visible sensor, meaning that you can hide the small size controller almost anywhere.

Given the powerful 10A power supply provided with this kit, we recommend that you hook up the kit as follow: First, hook up the 2 Strips to the provided T Shape connector. Then connect the controller to the remaining end of the T Shape connector. Once everything is securely in place, connect the controller to the power supply and turn your kit on using the remote control. Never use a single 5 meter Strip with this power supply as it could damage your strip.

This kit was calibrated to be used with the provided high capacity controller and power supply. In order to avoid any damage to your equipment, please contact one of our experts should you wish to replace a component of your kit.

Use of Adhesive Tape
If you're planning on installing your LED strip sideways or upside down, we strongly suggest using extra adhesive such as the Double Sided 3M 9495LE Tape for LED Strips
For porous surfaces, outdoor usage, wet and marine environments or usage with IP 68 strips, we suggest using the Double Sided 3M Acrylic Tape for LED Strips
WARNING: Do not use the Double Sided 3M Acrylic Tape on 3014 LED Strips or for more than 4 consecutive hours at full intensity (or commercially used) 5050 Led Strips, as there could be a risk of damage to the LED strip.

Does the controller offer power cycle mode retention? In other words, if the building power cuts and comes back on, will the controller turn the strip back on and remember the last setting automatically?

Asked by Larry | 10/05/2016, 23:04 | 1 answer(s)

In regards to the 10 Meter RF LED Strip Bundle, can the 2 strips be connected together and then be connected to only one side of the T connector?

Asked by Norm Seguin | 07/28/2016, 13:22 | 1 answer(s)