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Color Chasing Pixel LED Strip Kit iP20 12V 5050 RGB at 60 LEDs / m - 5m



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Color Chasing Pixel LED Strip Kit iP20 12V 5050 RGB at 60 LEDs / m - 5m

Amaze Friends and family with pixel-by-pixel light chasing effects of the Addressable Pixel LED Strip Kit iP20 12V 5050 RGB at 60 LEDs/m from LED Montreal.

The kit includes an RF controller offering more than 200 different chasing effects, an RGB LED strip pixel-by-pixel 5m of 300 LED total and a 12V 48W transformer. This is the all in one kit that the chasing RGB Light enthusiast has to have.

Although it offers impressive color changes, this kit is simple to operate. It is fully plug and play! The effects are preprogrammed, and connections are easy to make. The included RF remote control gives you the ability to control your LED Strip from up to 25 meters without having to point the remote directly at the controller! You can also control the speed and intensity of each of the color change modes!

The pixel-by-pixel addressable LED strip can be cut at each LED and does not have any control chips showing like these predecessors since the control chip is integrated into the LED light module.

The RGB LED Strip is flexible vertically but cannot be folded horizontally. If you need to get around an obstacle or turn a corner, we recommend soldering a 4-strand wire on your Tape. The solder ensures a solid connection and minimal voltage loss. Quick connectors are available and are only recommended if you have 1 or 2 connections to make. If you want to use a connector, our iP20 connectors type grip and clip.

Your RGB LED strip is equipped with a high-quality 3M adhesive. This adhesive is intended to be installed on a clean, non-shiny metal surface. The LED strips are not designed to be installed on varnished or shiny wooden surfaces.

The CDNLUX difference:

CDNLUX LED Strips are distinguished by many exceptional qualities: CDNLUX uses ultra-bright chips on their LED Strips. This means that you will get the best possible brightness for each LED chip. In fact, CNDLUX chips are 25 to 30% brighter than the chips used on low cost LED Strips that you will find on discount websites.

CDNLUX LED Strips are cULus certified. This means they have been tested for electrical safety to Canadian standards when powered with Class 2 power. It also means they will pass the toughest building inspections in Canada and the states -United.

With CDNLUX, you are never alone. Your LED strip kit is accompanied by the technical support you need to carry out your project. All our representatives are based in Canada and are perfectly bilingual. You can reach us by email or by phone during business hours. It is not something that you would get from a foreign seller selling their products on an international website.

This addressable LED strip works through an SPI protocol. We do not provide any support if you decide to attempt to connect this LED Strip to a controller other than the one provided in the kit.

Power supply (transformer): Your kit includes a 48W power supply which is also cULus certified. The low voltage part of your power supply is equipped with a DC connector which plugs easily into the controller, which simplifies installation. This power supply meets all electrical safety requirements in Canada and the United States.

Strip Features:
Certification: cULus E498952
Available voltage: 12V DC
Chip: 5050 RGB SMD addressable with integrated control chip
Communication protocol: SPI
Roll 5M, 60LED / m. 300 LEDs in total
Lighting angle: 120 degrees
Can be cut: All LED (1.67cm)
Strip width: iP20: 10mm
Total height: 1.7mm
Self-adhesive, 3M sticker
Maximum consumption: 6.6W / meter
Recommended consumption: 8.25W / meter
Must be powered by a class 2 transformer
Operating temperature: 40 ° C to -10 ° C
IP20, unprotected: Suitable for dry environments
Heat dissipation: not required, unless used in a commercial environment
Power source:
Input 100-240VAC
Maximum output power 12VDC 4A (48W)
Certification: cULus
Length: 11.5cm
Width: 5cm
Height: 3.1cm

Where can I get install manuals for this kit? Is there a max length the controller will run?


Asked by Kent Mountenay | 03/17/2021, 13:39 | 1 answer(s)

can another 5m be added to the Color Chasing Pixel LED Strip kit? (ip20 12v 5050RGB at 60 LEDSM-5M) or will i have to buy two kits, I once purchased the "DREAM COLOR" RGB strip 2 years ago and added an extra 5 Meters.

Asked by Rodney Saunders | 11/20/2020, 15:01 | 1 answer(s)