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120V iP65 25m LED Rope Light



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120V iP65 25m LED Rope Light

LED Montreal is proud to introduce the 120V Single Color LED Rope Light that really goes the distance! Featuring 39 LED and a luminous flux of 300 lumens per meter at a 360 degree angle. The Single Color LED Rope Light is offered in Warm White, Cool White and is not dimmable. The LED Rope Light is affordable and practical.

The 120V LED Rope Light is flexible and is great to decorate your outdoor terrace, enhance your camping set up, your shed or anything else that you want to highlight, either it be indoors or outdoors. The 120V LED Rope Light Accessories and Connectors will also allow you to add more versatility in the elaboration of your project. Yes, the Single Color LED Rope Light can be safely used year round. As it is not recommended to consistently flex the Rope Light, we suggest using corner connectors should you need to make sharp turns. Corner connectors should be properly installed and secured with PVC Glue. 

The Single Color LED Rope Light has a 13mm diameter, is sold as a 25 meters spool and has a special power cord allows you to connect it directly in your standard 120V outlet. No power supply or transformer is required. For those who really need a long run will be happy to hear that the 25m kit can be expanded and two spools can be hooked together, back to back with the available connector and heat shrink. Don’t need exactly 25 or 50 meters? No worries, the Single Color can be cut every 75 cm to perfectly fit your project. Just make sure that you cover the end connection with the available cover cap and that you secure the cap using PVC glue. You can reuse the length that was cut by simply purchasing an extra power cord. Please note that you will be required to use the power cord that is specific to the LED Rope Light, since it features an AC/DC inverter. The LED rope light cannot be directly connected to an AC source. 

Not only is the LED Rope Light easy to hook up, but it’s also a breeze to install, thanks to the available installation clips. Apply the clips to the mounting surface using the provided screws and clip your LED Rope Light!


LED Rope Light Specs

Length: 25 meters
Can be cut: every 75cm
Rope diameter: 13mm
LED Density: 39 LED /m
Required power: 3.12W/m at 120V DC (inverter included)
Light beam: 360 degrees
Luminous flux: 300 Lumens/m
Available colors: 3000K, 6000k
Protection: iP65
Dimmable: No
Certification: cUL


Make sure that all connections and the end cap on the last segment are tightly secured to prevent the entry of water. We recommend using PVC Glue to secure any connectors or end caps.

Make sure that all connections are tightly secured and that the clips and the rope lights are installed firmly and safely. You should inspect them periodically.

Disconnect power before adding segments.

When extending your kit, use the same model of rope light.

Do not overload. Never exceed the length permitted by the manufacturer

Do not cover this product as the covering may cause the flexible light to overheat, melt or ignite.

Do not operate with the flexible light tightly coiled.

Do not puncture, cut, shorten, or splice the flexible lighting.

Do not route the cord or flexible lighting through walls, doors, windows or any like part of the building structure.

Do not use if there is any damage to the light or cord insulation.

Inspect periodically

To prevent overheating, Do not allow contact between flexible light cables or parts of the flexible light cable. Maintain at least 12mm spacing between light cable or light cable parts.

Do not install closer than 3 meters from a swimming pool surface.

Do not submerge flexible light in liquids, or use the product in the vicinity of standing water or other liquids.

Secure this flexible light using only the hangers or clips available at LED Montreal

Do not secure this product or its cord with staples, nails, or like means that may damage the insulation or permanently attach to the building structure.

Do not subject flexible lighting to continuous flexing.

Do not use with an extension cord unless plug can be fully inserted.

Do not alter or replace the plug.


When using outdoor portable lighting products, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, shock, and personal injury, including the following:

a) Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) protection should be provided on the circuits or outlet to be used for the outdoor use flexible lighting product. 

b) Use only outdoor extension cords, such as type SW, SOW, STW,STOW, SJW, SJOW,SJTW, or SJTOW. This designation is marked on the wire of the extension cord.

Cool white ... is that say 6000K (colour)?

I would like to use these in a trayed ceiling ... assume that application is okay?

Asked by Kim Carswell | 02/22/2020, 08:26 | 1 answer(s)