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300 LED UV Black Light Strip Kit



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300 LED UV Black Light Strip Kit

You can now easily integrate UV Black Light lighting to your favorite room with the 300 LED UV Black Light 5m Strip Kit. Affordable and easy to install, it will give you the light effect found in the best clubs in town! The 5m LED Strip features 300 single 5050 Chips on a non waterproof strip. It is recommended for indoor use only. This kit comes with its own power supply and is self adhesive. As always, we recommend using Double sided 3M tape for LED Strips, for a solid and permanent installation.

Use of Adhesive Tape
If you're planning on installing your LED strip sideways or upside down, we strongly suggest using extra adhesive such as the Double Sided 3M 9495LE Tape for LED Strips. For porous surfaces, we suggest using the Double Sided 3M Acrylic Tape for LED Strips. WARNING: Do not use the Double Sided 3M Acrylic Tape on 3014 LED Strips or for more than 4 consecutive hours at full intensity (or commercially used) 5050 Led Strips, as there could be a risk of damage to the LED strip.

An on/off switch is also included in the kit. The switch can be upgraded to a remote controlled dimmer. Simply indicate your preference in the pull down menu when ordering. The 300 LED UV Black Light 5m Strip Kit offers a viewing angle of 120° and a wavelength of 380-400nm. Its expected lifespan is approximately 50 000 hours.

Please note that because of its brightness, the 5050 UV chip may appear to be blue when lit but is indeed a UV chip with all the properties you would expect from such product.

The 5050 Strips MUST benefit from proper heat dissipation in order to ensure proper performance and durability. Attempting to install this LED Strip on an improper surface, such as wood or dry wall, will permanently damage the Strip. In order to obtain proper heat dissipation, you must install the 5050 LED Strip in an Aluminum profile or metallic surface.

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