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Warranty on BAZZ products

BAZZ is renowned Canadian company that produces top of the line LED Lighting. In that spirit, they offer warranties of up to 5 years on their LED lighting products.

Here are the details:
•  BAZZ GU10 5W Dimmable LED Bulb5 years
•  BAZZ Recessed Wall fixture with 5W LED Bulb5 years
•  BAZZ Recessed Wall fixture with 7W LED Bulb – 5 years
•  BAZZ Recessed 4' Round 11W LED Panel5 years
•  BAZZ Square Wall fixture with 1.5W LED5 years
•  BAZZ 44cm LED Bar with built in Transformer3 years

How do I proceed?
Returns under warranty on BAAZ products are handled exclusively by BAZZ. To return a defective product, please contact BAZZ directly (see contact info below). 

Make sure you have your invoice in hand, you will need it for them to honor the warranty.

Tel :
Montreal:  514 931-4470
Toll free:  1 800 931-4470
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9 AM - 5 PM (Eastern Time).

Fax : 1 800 931-0218
Email : service@bazz.ca
URL : http://www.bazz.ca