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Double sided 3M Acrylic Tape for LED Strips



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Double Sided 3M Acrylic Tape for LED Strips

Our Double Sided padded 3M tape is 3 meters long, super strong and water resistant. Most of our LED Strips are self adhesive but will eventually get unstuck if installed upside down, under a kitchen cabinet for example. This double sided 3M tape is perfect for any permanent installation, outdoor usage and even marine environments.

Mixed with GE pure silicone, The Double sided 3M Acrylic Tape is the perfect complement for iP68 strips and Dream Color iP67 LED strips. for these 2 models, apply silicone on the back of the strip, put the double sided tape on the silicone and wait for it to set before installing the strip

Installation procedure:

Make sure that your surface is clean and dry. Peel off the protector and install the double sided tape, remove the protector covering the adhesive on your led strip (if any) and install while applying constant even pressure on the strip. Allow to dry for 24h. The tape is 1mm thick but will compress when pressure is applied, once installed, it’s almost seamless. For iP68 or iP67 strips, apply GE pure silicone on the strip first and then add the double sided tape onto the silicone. 

WARNING: Do not use the Double Sided 3M Acrylic Tape on 3014 LED Strips for more than 4 consecutive hours at full intensity (or commercially used) 5050 Led Strips, as there could be a risk of damage to the LED strip. Double Sided 3M Acrylic Tape is not made for heat dissipation. The Double Sided 3M Acrylic Tape works as an insulator and can be used for profiles. For an optimal heat disipation, you can purchase the 30 Double Sided Adhesive Thermal Tape.


I installed my light strip, and don't like the placement. Can i use this as a replacement backing?

Asked by Marjorie | 06/05/2017, 12:17 | 1 answer(s)

Why don't you mention the length?

Whats the length?

Asked by TheHammer  | 02/15/2017, 03:05 | 1 answer(s)

Hi, is this good for cellphones, ipads screen repair?

Asked by Igor | 08/25/2015, 20:39 | 1 answer(s)