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11 key RF Remote and Controller for Single Color LED Strips



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11 key RF Remote and Controller for Single Color LED Strips

You can now control your Single Color LED Strip from up to 30 meters thanks to this 11 key remote RF dimmer.  This micro controller (under 5 cm long) allows you to easily hide it in order to make aesthetical projects. Furthermore, the RF remote does not require a visible captor in order to interact with the 11 key remote control. In most cases, your remote will even work through walls!

The 11 keys of the remote will give you access to 7 flashing modes including the flash, stroboscope and flame flickering, just to name a few. You can also control the speed of these effects with the two speed control buttons. Other than the effects modes, the remote also allows you to dim the light once you are in static mode and to obviously turn the LED Strip on and off.

This controller will work with both 12V and 24V Strips and Power Supplies.

Controller :
Dimensions : 315mm x 13mm x 10mm
Working Voltage : 5 - 24V DC
Maximum output : 6A/ Channel  12A Total
Control Range : up to 15m

Kit includes :
1 dimmer
1 remote control with included battery 

Make sure that your remote is always ready for action by ordering extra batteries

Can you use multiple instances of the 11 key RF remote controller for multiple assemblies of single colour strips? Will the controller step all over each other when each is used for separate light assemblies?

Asked by Paul McMurray | 07/30/2013, 08:00 | 1 answer(s)