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Premium Bicycle wheel LED pattern producer (7 LEDs)



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Premium Bicycle wheel LED pattern producer (7 LEDs)

Create cool colorful light patterns on your bicycle wheels with this fun, good quality LED gadget. You'll be sure to get noticed at night with a cool look that also brings you extra safety by making sure you're not hidden in the darkness.

•  Consists of 7pcs of colorful LEDs, each single LED can display 8 colors
•  12 different kinds of patterns that change every 4 seconds
•  Pattern is clear and complete when riding at up to 20km/h
•  The built-in motion sensor makes sure it only lights up while in action, which saves your batteries’ energy.
•  Includes 3 LR44 replaceable batteries
•  Lasts up to 12 hours (of work)
•  American, French and British valve swap

This LED pattern producer is compatible with Americans or Europeans models like Schrader or Presta.

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