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1m RGB LED Strip Kit with Wired Controller



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1m RGB LED Strip Kit with Wired Controller

Our complete 1 m RBG LED strip kit is perfect for your small projects. You can now light up your creations for a low cost. This kit includes all that you need to enhance the lighting of any room. What you get: a 1 meter RGB LED strip that allows to choose the color of your lighting, a simple to use wired RGB controller and a 12 V 2A power supply that can be hooked up in any standard 110V outlet.

Let your imagination run wild and light up your furniture, shelves, cupboard and more at an incredible price! This kit includes a wired RGB controller that allows you to choose from 20 colors and 20 color changing modes at the simple touch of a button. You wish to get a wireless remote instead of a wired controller? No problem! Simply use the dropdown menu in order to select the wireless remote option for only 5$ extra.

This 1 meter RBD LED strip kit can also be extended to up to 3 meters. You can add up to two additional 1 meter sections, available at only $10 per section.


The 1m RGB LED Strip kit includes:

1m LED RGB Strip (30 LEDs)
1 12V 1A power supply
1 wired controller

How long will the battery last asumming it's on constantly

Asked by Jordan | 07/10/2015, 07:17 | 1 answer(s)

If I purchase 2 or 3m will it come as a single length or 2 or 3 separate lengths?

Asked by D | 05/05/2015, 15:36 | 1 answer(s)

I want to use these to light the interior of a Japanese lantern with a run of about 5 metres to the power outlet. Is the power supply cord long enough or do I need an extension cord? Other options? Thanks Marc

Asked by Marc Barnes | 09/10/2013, 11:29 | 1 answer(s)

are these led strips waterproof? I want to install them on a boat.

Asked by Ray | 05/22/2013, 20:37 | 1 answer(s)