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24V 5m iP20 or iP65+ High Output RGB 5050 LED Strip Kit - 30 LEDs/m


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24V 5m iP20 or iP65+ High Output RGB 5050 LED Strip Kit - 30 LEDs/m

Note that this kit incudes a non protected iP20 Strip. You can choose to upgrade to a iP65+ waterproof strip for only 5$ byusing the pull down menu. Picture used for reference only.

Here it is: an affordable RGB LED Strip kit with no compromise on quality. This 5m RGB LED Strip kit from LED Montreal includes our top of the line cULus Listed RGB 150 LED Strip from CDNLUX in its iP20, uncoated version, a cULus Listed 24V 1.5A 36W Class 2 plug in power supply and our 20 key RF remote.

You can now control your RGB LED Strip from up to 30 meters with the radio frequency (RF) 20 Key RF Remote and Controller for RGB LED Strips kit from LED Montreal. The small size controller (less than 5 cm long) allows you to hide it almost anywhere, helping you conceive amazingly aesthetic projects. Furthermore, unlike conventional infra red kits, you will not need to leave a visible sensor to operate your LED RGB Strip. As a matter of fact, you will be able, in most cases, to operate your lighting system from the next room.

The 20 keys of the remote give you access to multiples functions such as: power on and off your Strip, dim it, change colors manually and choose the speed and automatic color change mode of your LED RGB Strip.

About the Strip:

RGB Stands for Red-Green-Blue. 5050 RGB Chips give a 120-degree light beam and feature each of these 3 colors of LED lights within each chip: This allows to create a multitude of different colors by mixing the red, green and blue at different levels. The amount of colors that can be achieved will depend on the RGB controller that you use. Note that the RGB Chip does not create a true white. Should you want to use your Strip to both enhance your décor and get an ambient white light, we strongly suggest using our RGBW Strip that includes a white LED diode within the 5050 chips.

RGB LED Strips have a 4-wire connection, meaning that they can only be operated through an RGB controller, like the one included in our kit. The included 24 Key controller will allow you to dim your strip and change colors manually or through automated color change patterns. The strip cannot be dimmed through a standard wall dimmer. Your infra red controller features a receiver that needs to be in the remote control’s visual range to operate. The remote and its battery are included in your kit.

As stated earlier, this strip comes in a 5m spool. You will find all the specs of the RGB LED Strip at the bottom of this page.

You can customize your LED Lighting set up as this Strip can be cut every 6 LEDS. The RGB LED Strip is flexible vertically but cannot be bent horizontally. Should you need to bypass an obstacle or turn a corner, we recommend soldering 4 strand wire onto your Strip. Soldering ensures a solid connection and minimal voltage loss. Quick connectors are available and are only recommended if you have 1 or 2 connections to make. Should you want to use a connector, use an iP20 grip and clip connector.

Your RGB LED Strip is equipped with a high-quality 3M adhesive. This adhesive is intended for installation on a clean, non-glossy metallic surface. LED Strips were not designed to be installed on varnished or glossy wood surfaces.

The CDNLUX Difference:

There are many features that make the CDNLUX LED Strips stand out from the competition: CDNLUX uses Super Bright chips on their LED Strips. This means that you will get the best brightness for your money out of each LED Chip. As a matter of fact, CNDLUX Chips are 25 to 30% brighter than chips used on lower prices LED Strips that you would find on discount websites.

CDNLUX LED Strip are cULus Listed. This means that they have been tested for electrical safety according to Canadian Standards when powered with a compliant Class 2 Power supply. It also means that they will pass the toughest building inspections both in Canada and the USA.

With CDNLUX, you’re never on your own. Your LED Strip comes with the tech support and troubleshooting that you need to complete your project. All our representatives are based in Canada and are fully bilingual. You can reach us by email or by phone during business hours. Not something you would get from an overseas seller on a discount website.

The included power supply:  Your kit includes a Class 2 cULus Listed 36W power supply. The low voltage part of your power supply is equipped with a DC connector that easily clips in the controller, making the installation as simple as it gets. This power supply complies with all electrical safety requirements in both Canada and the USA.

Specifications Strip:
Certification: cULus E498952
Voltage available: 24V DC
Chip: 5050 RGB SMD
5M roll, 30LED/m. 150 LED total
Lighting angle: 120 degrees
Can be cut: All 5 LEDs (16.5cm)
Strip Width: iP20: 10mm
Maximum Power consumption: 7.2W / meter
Must be powered by a Class 2 transformer
Operation temperature: 40C to -10C
IP20, non protected: Suitable for dry environment
Dimmable: Yes, through the remote
Heat Dissipation: Not necessary, unless used in a commercial environment

Power Supply:
Input 100-240VAC
Max output 24VDC 1.5A (36W)
Certification: cULus
Length: 11.5cm
Width: 5cm
Height: 3cm

Dimensions: 45mm x 13mm x 5mm
Voltage: 5 - 24V DC
Maximum output power: 6A
Remote control range: up to 30m

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