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24V Dimmable (0-10V) Class 2 LED Driver 96W

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24V Dimmable (0-10V) Class 2 LED Driver 96W

Attention: You are purchasing a 0-10V LED driver, which is designed for specific lighting control applications. Please be aware that this driver is NOT compatible with standard dimmers. Ensure compatibility with your system before proceeding with this purchase to avoid any inconvenience

You can now control the brightness of your 24V Single Color LED Strips using a 0-10V dimming system, thanks to the 24V Dimmable LED Driver from LED Montreal. This Constant Voltage Dimmable LED Driver is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with specialized 0-10V wall dimmers, allowing for smooth dimming of your LED Strips from 100% to 0% without any noise or flickering. Importantly, this advanced LED Driver does not require a minimal load for optimal dimming performances, setting a new standard in lighting flexibility and control.

Unlike traditional dimming systems that may operate with standard 120V wall dimmers (Triac or Low Voltage Magnetic), which modulate the power to the load directly via the AC line, the 0-10V dimming system uses a low-voltage control signal. This system necessitates two additional wires for the dimming control, separate from the power wires, requiring a total of at least four wires: two for power (line and neutral) and two for the dimming control signal. This is a significant difference from the triac dimming system, which does not require additional wires for dimming control.

The 0-10V dimming capability surpasses standard triac dimmers in terms of precision and capacity, enabling finer control over lighting levels with minimal interference, and is particularly suited for LED and fluorescent lighting systems. A special 0-10V wall dimmer is also required to use this system, which can provide both dimming functionality and on/off control, thereby simplifying the lighting control setup.

The quality of a 0-10V dimming system, especially in terms of capacity, significantly surpasses that of a standard triac dimmer, which typically supports a maximum load of 600 watts. This distinction is crucial in applications where the lighting demands exceed the limitations of triac dimming, making 0-10V systems particularly advantageous for larger-scale or commercial lighting projects.

The Dimmable LED Driver is equipped with distinct junction boxes for the high and low voltage load, including two integrated mounting brackets for secure installation. It's designed with safety in mind, featuring auto-reset protection against short circuits, over-voltage, and over-temperature, and is cETLus certified for use in Canada and the USA.

Designed for hard wiring to an existing electrical circuit, the Dimmable LED Driver's dual junction boxes with 4 integrated knock offs accommodate larger-than-standard gauge wire for the low voltage line, beneficial for installations far from the LED Lights.

Given the requirement for Hard Wired 120V connections, installation of this power supply should be performed by a qualified professional to ensure safety and compliance.

Specifications 24V Dimmable (0-10V) Class 2 LED Driver 96W
Input: 100 -120V AC
Output: 24V DC 4A max (96W)
Certification: cETLus
Dimensions Power Supply: 23cm x 7cm x 4.5cm
Dimensions Junction box: 37.7cm x 7.5cm x 5.3cm 
Weight: 1.77 kg


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