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12V DC Hardwired LED Driver (12W, 24W, 36W, 48W or 60W)

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12V DC Hardwired LED Driver (12W, 24W,36W, 48W or 60W)

LED Montreal offers an affordable line of hard wired 12V LED Drivers. This LED Driver is ideal for under cabinet lighting as its small design makes it easy to conceal under or even inside a cabinet. Install it almost anywhere, thanks to its 2 molded mounting brackets. 

Feature two distinct screw in ports for AC input and DC output that will support solid wires of 14 AWG and smaller (16, 18, or 20). Being able to put 16 AWG multi braid wire on your 12V DC output means that you can install your LED Driver up to 12 feet away from your LEDs, this without having to worry about losing brightness on your set up. This 12V LED Driver is compatible with both the Single Color and RGB Strips. An RGB Controller is required for RGB Strips.

Important Note: These LED Drivers are not compatible with AC dimmers. To dim your LEDs with these power supplies, you will have to use a 12V DC dimmer. For AC dimmable power supplies refer to the Universal Dimmable LED drivers.

Hardwired 120V connections being required for this power supply, installation should be made by a qualified professional and in accordance with your local building code. 

In order to ensure that your LED Driver wil provide you with a lifetime of performance, always make sure that the load given to your power supply does not exceed 80% of its maximum rating. For example, you will want to give a 24W power supply a maximum workload of about 20W.


Technical Specifications and recommended applications: 

12V 12W LED Power Supply
Input: 100-130VaC 50/60Hz 0.15A
Output: 12Vdc 1A
Max.Output Wattage: 24W
Model: DR-CV-12-12
Dimmable: No
Dimensions: 9.5cm (Including brackets) x 3.65cm x 2cm
Certification: cETLus

12V 24W LED Power Supply
Input: 100-130VaC 50/60Hz 0.35A
Output: 12Vdc 2A
Max.Output Wattage: 24W
Model: DR-CV-30-12
Dimmable: No
Dimensions: 10.7cm (Including brackets) x 4.1cm x 2.2cm
Certification: cETLus

12V 36W LED Power Supply
Input: 100-130VaC 50/60Hz 0.35A
Output: 12Vdc 3A
Max.Output Wattage: 36W
Model: DR-CV-40-12
Dimmable: No
Dimensions: 10.7cm (Including brackets) x 4.1cm x 2.4cm
Certification: cETLus

12V 48W LED Power Supply
Input: 100-130VaC 50/60Hz 0.7A
Output: 12Vdc 4A
Max.Output Wattage: 48W
Model: DR-CV-60-12
Dimmable: No
Dimensions: 13.3cm (Including brackets) x 4.7cm x 2.95cm
Certification: cETLus

12V 60W LED Power Supply
Input: 100-130VaC 50/60Hz 1A
Output: 12Vdc 5A
Max.Output Wattage: 60W
Model: DR-CV-80-12
Dimmable: No
Dimensions: 17cm (Including brackets) x 5.1cm x 2.95cm
Certification: cETLus

Recommended Applications FOR INDOOR USAGE ONLY

Power Supply Specifications
cETLus for Canada and USA
100 - 120V AC
Dimensions power supply
See description
LED Specifications
Transformer Wattage (12 Volts)
12V 1A 12Watts
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Canadian and American Certifications

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