24V 4.75A (114W) Power Supply for LED Strips

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24V 4.75A (114W) Power supply for LED Strips 

This 24V 4.75A (114W) power supply was specifically designed to provide stable and reliable power for your LED Strips. The 24V 4.75A power supply delivers 114W of power is ideal to power the following LED Strips:

3 or 4 x 5 meter RGB 150 LED Strips for a total of 15 meters or 20 meters of Strip
2 x 5 meter RGB or RGB 300 LED Strip
2 x 5 meter RGB or RGB+W 300 LED Strip
2 x 5 meter Single Color 5050 LED Strip

Please note that upgrading your power supply might not necessarily allow you to light up a longer strip circuit. Make sure you read the product description for your strips to confirm the maximum length allowed for each circuit in order to retain full brightness and stable coloration. Overloading the power supply will damage it. 

Package includes:
1-24V 4.75A (114W) power supply
1-Power cable 

Size of the transformer box:
Length: 17cm
Width: 7cm
Height: 4cm 

Important Note: This power supply is not compatible with AC dimmers. To dim your LEDs with these power supplies, you will have to use a 24V DC dimmer. For AC dimmable power supplies refer to the Electronic Dimmable Power Supplies.

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