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112cm 36W Outdoor RGB LED Wall Washer Bar

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112cm 36W Indoor Outdoor RGB LED Wall Washer Bar

Illuminate your commercial building, bar, or reception hall with the dazzling LED lighting provided by our professional-grade Outdoor RGB LED Wall Washer from LED Montreal.

Measuring 44 inches (1.12m) long by 3.1 inches (7.8cm) wide, this Outdoor LED Wall Washer boasts 36 individual 1W LEDs (12 Red, 12 Blue, and 12 Green), creating a vast array of colors. Encased in solid iP65 aluminum, it's perfect for year-round outdoor use, withstanding temperatures from -20 to 40 Celsius. Equipped with 2 bottom-mounting legs for easy floor or ceiling installation, it's ready to shine.

The RGB LED Wall Washer provides a focused 20-degree light beam, easily controlled via integrated push keys and LCD Display. With 7 static preset colors and 9 levels of dimming, plus 4 color-changing modes, the built-in controller offers versatile options.

Link up to 60 RGB LED wall washers using the available waterproof link cables in lengths of 2, 5, or 10 meters. Synchronize all wall washers in your setup with the integrated master-slave mode.

Installation is straightforward, connecting directly to an existing 120VAC circuit. Given its hard-wired nature, we recommend professional installation. Please note that LED Montreal provides basic support for this product, with no support offered for DMX consoles.

Elevate your project with the 44’’ LED outdoor wall washer. Contact us today to make your space shine brilliantly.

This RGB LED Wall Washer connects directly to an existing 120VAC circuit. Given that this is a hard wired product, we recommend professional installation.

112cm 36W Indoor Outdoor RGB LED Wall Washer Bar


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