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End Caps for LED Bars

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End Caps for LED Bars

Here's what you need to complete the look of your bars! The End Caps for Rigid LED Bars from LED Montreal can be added to both ends of your LED bars to give them a clean finished look. 

Type of LED Bar:
Each available LED Bar has its own end caps
, meaning that you have to make sure you pick the right ones to fit your specific type of bar. You can select it in the drop down menu.

Type of End Caps:
There are 2 types of end caps, each with a specific purpose: Full or Perforated.
Full: The Full type end caps are used only to end a LED Bar circuit and give it a finished look. Note that you only need one for each setup, as the beginning of the circuit always starts with a connector and wire to bring in the power (the end cap then needs to be perforated).
Perforated: This type of end cap has a hole in the middle to let a power cord in. This can be used at the beginning of your circuit and between each bar if your setup includes more than 1 bar. Important note: while the hole is big enough for a DC power cord, the connector at the end of the wire is too large to go through. This means that if you decide to use end caps, you will need to cut and reconnect some wires in order to get them through.

Example: You want to use end caps to have a finished look on your 3-bar setup. You would then need 1 Full end cap (end of last bar) and 5 Perforated end caps (both ends of the first 2 bars + beginning of the 3rd bar).

About the diffuser: Using end caps might push in the diffuser a little bit, meaning that if you are using end caps on both ends of your bar, you might have to cut the diffuser to adapt it to the new width.

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