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About COB LED Lighting Technology

The new COB (Chip on board) LED lighting technology consists of many small-chips integrated into one large single chip.

COB LED technology, differs from traditional LED (SMD Chips) because instead of individual chips soldered to a circuit board and then mounted to a heat sink; the Wafers are cut into some hundred small chips. These tiny small and hardly visible pieces of semiconductor crystal are bonded directly to the aluminum (with a special bonding procedure) allowing solderless fabrication and maximum heat dissipation.

The COB LED achieves higher light levels with a more uniform appearance than its predecessors. COB technology offers increased levels of light dispersion banishing those dark then bright patches created by narrow beam fittings. Furthermore, the COB has greater reliability and a longer life span than the SMD LEDs.

The yellow disc in the middle of the COB Chip is simply a phosphor coating, enabling complete control of color temperatures. This type of LED technology makes chip densities up to 70 chips per square centimeter possible, and promises to offer much more flexibility and better brightness over other LED technologies.