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Why choose a BAZZ product sold by LED Montreal?

Why choose a BAZZ product sold by LED Montreal?

Choosing a BAZZ LED product is also choosing a high quality product designed in Canada by a company that has been an expert in the lighting industry for more than 30 years.

BAZZ products are also easy to install : Whichever product you chose, either it be the BAZZ Recessed Ceiling fixture with 5W LED Bulb or the sleek BAZZ Recessed 4" Round 11W LED Panel or any other LED BAZZ product from LED Montreal, you are guaranteed to have a hassle free installation thanks to BAZZ’s unique patented installation system. Each BAZZ recessed LED fixture comes with a template that allows you to make the perfect hole for your fixture, insuring a perfect fit every time. You don’t even have to wonder if your current ceiling is insulated or not prior to making your purchase as all BAZZ LED fixtures available at LED Montreal are certified for both types of ceilings.

A BAZZ LED product equals peace of mind on various levels: First, BAZZ products are backed by an industry-leading warranty and are cUL and CSA certified, guaranteeing you that the product you bought meets and even exceeds the highest safety criteria. They are even equipped with a heat sensor that would shut the fixture down should a heat generating halogen bulb be installed by a tenant unaware of the difference between LED and halogen. You will also be glad to know that all of our BAZZ LED products come complete with their specific light. No need to worry about buying the right bulb for your fixtures or the extra fees attached to such a bulb. Furthermore, with light bulbs and modules lasting up to 35 000 hours, depending on the product you bought, you won’t even need to worry about changing the bulb for a very very long time.
Obviously, one of the main features of BAZZ’s LED products is the energy it saves. BAZZ LED bulbs consume up to 85% less energy than traditional bulbs. Have we also mentioned that the BAZZ Recessed 4" Round 11W LED Panel is Energy Star rated?

In a nutshell, no matter what is your main reason for buying a LED fixture from LED Montreal, you will always know that it is backed by our world class service and expert advice. LED Montreal and BAZZ: the smart choice for the wise consumer.