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Grip & Clip - Strip to Strip RGB Connectors for iP20 strips

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Grip & Clip - Strip to Strip RGB Connectors for iP20 strips

Please note that solderless connectors are not compatible with silicone coated Strips (iP65, iP65+, iP67 and iP68) as well as any type of Strips with more than 60 LEDs per meter such as type 3014 with 120 LEDs / meter, RGB 3535 and others high density strips.

These Solderless LED Strip connectors are designed to connect 2 sections of RGB LED strip together. It’s not possible to connect these connectors directly to wires. 

The Grip & Clip is simply the greatest connector for 5050 RGB Strips ever invented!

Grip & Clip for ip20 (Without Silicone Coating)
All you need to do is remove the silicone coating on your Strip to expose the connectors, peel off paper that protects the adhesive on your strip, insert your Strip in the designated end of the connector, close the connectors using pliers and the special grip blades will make a reliable and secure connection for you.

For indoor usage only
This product fits both 12V and 24V RGB Strips
For  5050 RGB LED Strips only.
Note that these connectors are not compatible with the 3528 RGB or 3528, 3014 or 5050 Single Color LED strip.

For better results, we recommend using a maximum of 4 solderless connectors, for a total of 2 links, per circuit. Unlike a solder, these connectors can create resistance on the circuit which tends to reduce the performance of components and reduce their lifespan.

Solderless connectors are an alternative for light work on strips that consume less than 60 watts. For optimal performance and durability, we recommend soldering your wires to the LED Strips terminals.

It is still possible to use the Grip & Clip connector with an IP65+ Strip which has less than a 120LED/m. You will need to remove the silicone coating and connect an iP20 type connector to the Strip.

Length: 24.5mm
Width: 14.7mm
Height: 7.8mm

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