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EL Wire Stickman Bundle

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EL Wire Stickman Bundle

Wanna have the coolest outfit and win all the Halloween costume contests? Look no further, here’s what you need to make your own EL Wire glow in the dark stickman costume! Here at LED Montreal, we’ve created a special kit which includes every electronic part you need to make it happen. All you have left to choose is the color! It’s simple and fun!

Bundle includes:

  • • 3 x 3 meters of 2.3mm diameter EL Wire (choose color in drop-down menu)
  • • 2 x 1m EL Wire extension cord
  • • 1 x extended battery pack
  • • 1 x 3-way splitter


Here’s what we think is the best way to make your own El Wire glow in the dark stickman costume. Please note that there are other ways to make it so if you’d rather go a different path, you can still find what you need in terms of EL Wire and EL Wire Accessories by clicking on the links.

1. Get all the supplies and tools you need.

  • • The EL Wire stickman bundle (3 pieces of 3meter 2.3mm EL wire + extended battery pack + 3-way splitter + 2 x 1m extension cords)
  • • Black tape
  • • Fishing line
  • • Scissors

2. Place EL wire on the clothes.

Lay out the clothes on a flat surface and place the EL wire on top of it according to the plan. Make sure that the on/off switch is accessible.

  • i. Place the battery pack at the waist and plug in 3-way splitter
  • ii. Place an extension on 2 of the 3 output wires of the 3-way splitter
  • iii. Connect an EL Wire to the first extension and send downwards to do the legs (as per plan)
  • iv. Connect an EL Wire to the second extension and send upwards and to an arm, to do both arms (as per plan, you might have to hide a portion of the EL wire, depending on the arm’s length)
  • v. Connect an EL Wire to the remaining input of the 3-way splitter and send upwards to do the body and head (as per plan)
  • Schematics Stickman LED Montreal


3. Temporarily fix the EL wire onto the clothes using tape.

4. If needed, cut the extra bits of EL wire to make it fit.
When you cut the end of the EL wire, transfer the end cap. We do not recommend reattaching the extra pieces as it is a complex and fragile procedure. If you insist on doing so and are comfortable with soldering, you can find online videos on how to cut and reattach EL wire.

5. If you need to create spaces with no light, use black tape to cover parts of the EL wire.

6. Semi-permanently fix the EL wire to the clothes.
Use fishing line to stitch the EL wire to the clothes. Tie knots at various places on the EL wire with the fishing line for a strong hold and subtle look. Cut off the extra pieces of fishing line.

7. Double check your connections and make sure everything stays in place.

8. Remove the tape that was used for the temporary fix.

9. Try on the costume and have fun!

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