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RF Multi Zone MR16 RGB+CW+WW LED Bulb kit

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RF Multi Zone MR16 RGB+CW+WW LED Bulb kit

The basic kit comes with 1 Multi Zone MR16 4w RGB+CW+WW LED Bulb + 1 Multi Zone RGB+CW+WW remote. Multiple bulbs are displayed to show some of the colors that the actual lights can achieve and to illustrate that you can control several lights with one remote. You can customize your kit using the drop down menus above.

The Multi Zone system keeps expanding and now offers MR16 LED Bulbs! This means that you can replace all the bulbs in your modular systems to these super versatile LED Bulbs. With the RF Multi Zone MR16 RGB+CW+WW LED Bulb Kit from LED Montreal, you can basically control your whole lighting setup using a single remote. The RGB+CW+WW LED Bulbs have an integrated RF receiver so you can sync as many as you like and divide them in 4 different zones (as per allowed by the remote). You’ve got the possibility to not only choose between a wide range of colors and light changing patterns, but you can also display Cool White or Warm White, the ideal everyday lighting... no one will ever know! This means that these 4w LED Bulbs can replace your traditional 35w bulbs, making your new setup very energy efficient and money saving! And most importantly, it’s super easy to use and install! It’s without a doubt the future of lighting. 

Your remote is your best friend.
This kit comes with a Multi Zone RF remote which operates on 2.4 GHz frequency, giving it with a range of up to 30 meters and features numerous functions. The center touchpad gives you the possibility of choosing directly a lighting color (press and hold the ON (│) button of the Zone to get the color White) while another small touchpad gives you control over the brightness of the lighting. You can also select among 9 different automatic light changing modes and even control the speed of the changes! Note that we strongly suggest investing in a second remote to be used as a backup in case you lose the first one... you don’t want your whole house stuck on blinking red mode because your dog ate the remote!

The 4 Zone set up is the coolest thing ever!
A few examples:

  • •  Control the lighting in your kitchen on Zone 1, your bedroom on Zone 2, your living room on Zone 3 and your recreation room on Zone 4.
  • •  Divide a room in two zones and control one section with Zone 1 and another section of the same room using Zone 2.
  • •  Alternatively, you could set up the whole house on a single zone and have all your bulbs change color in sync... that’s how powerful and versatile this kit is! 

Adding on to a Zone is easy!
For a new product or a product that has never been linked before:

  1. Switch off the light(s) you want to program. 
  2. Turn the light back on and within 3 seconds; press 3 times on the ON (│) button of the zone you want to assign (1 to 4) on the remote control. 
  3. The light will slowly flash 5 times to indicate that it was successfully linked. 

You can program several Bulbs at once if they are operated on the same switch. You can repeat this procedure for each light product you want to add to your Zone. 

Change a light from one zone to another.
If the light you want to add to a zone was previously assigned to a different one, you will first need to unlink that light.

  1. Identify which zone the light is currently assigned to. 
  2. Turn off the light(s) you want to program. 
  3. Power the light back on and within 3 seconds; press 3 times on the ON (│) button of the previously assigned zone for a few seconds. 
  4. You can then proceed and program your light according to the add-on procedure outlined above. 


Power: 4w
Voltage: DC 12v
Lifespan: 35 000 - 50 000 Hours
Diameter: 50mm
Length: 49mm
Color Temperature: 2700k-6500k
Luminous Flux: 250LM-280LM
CRI: >80
Beam: 25° 

For extensive instructions on how to install your Multi-Zone setup, VISIT THIS PAGE.

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