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LED Lights for Bicycle

For anyone looking for bicycle LED Lights, LED Montreal is an incredible source for original good quality products at affordable prices. LED lights are getting more and more popular these days within bicycle users. You can walk around at night and you will see them everywhere! The reason is simple, these LED lights are easy to install, affordable and improve both the look of your bike and the rider’s safety. 

Since the LED technology is one of the most energy saving lighting solution there is, it is the perfect one to use to make battery powered objects that last longer. Therefore, at LED Montreal, you get to choose between a wide variety of LED Lights for Bicycle, including LED tail lights, wheel lights and flashlights. Those are generally motion activated and will allow for 10 to 15 hours of continuous lighting before having to change the batteries. 

The many different LED wheel lights offered at LED Montreal allow for flashy colorful patterns inside your wheels. There’s no better way to get noticed on your bike in the dark! If you’re looking for something that looks cool and will allow you to be visible during events like Un Tour la Nuit, Tour de l’Île de Montréal, Burning Man or simply to ride around at night, the LED Lights for Bicycle are exactly what you need! You can even form your own bicycle riding team and stand out!

LED Lights are also one of the best, most affordable security features you can find for riding your bicycle at night. The Bike Tail LED and Laser Light makes you visible from behind and even projects red lines onto the road behind you to show exactly how much space you need. To properly see what’s in front of you, use the LED CREE Flashlight which is super bright and comes with a holder to mount it to your handlebar. LED Montreal also offers a variety of bicycle wheel lights that attach either to your spokes or valve caps and create beautiful color patterns.  With this many illuminated options, it’s easy to ensure that people will see you riding your bike, even in the dark! This way, you can go around as you please and come back home safe and sound.

To take a look at our selection of products, visit the LED Lights for Bicycle section.