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LED Montreal Buying LED lighting products in store in Montreal

LED Montreal Buying LED lighting products in store in Montreal

In a short time span, LED lights went from a novelty status to being one of the most sought after lighting and decor equipment. With such a growing popularity, it was only logical for a city as hip as Montreal to have a store that specializes in LED lighting.

A quick google got us to LED Montreal, THE specialized store in town. Located in the booming neighborhood of St-Henri, LED Montreal, as its name entails offers a full range of LED lighting products.

From the simple 6 watts bulb that is mainly used to replace the high consumption halogen lights that are often criticized for generating a lot of heat, to the sophisticated Dream LED strip, LED Montreal has everything for everyone who wants something LED in their home. Furthermore, they do so at a quite affordable price. The staff at LED Montreal is friendly and helpful. They have the expertise and the hardware to make your project a reality. And don’t worry if you are a beginner, LED Montreal has solder less connectors and plug and play gear for those of you that will want to enhance their décor with their most popular item: The LED strip. Available in the RGB version that will allow you the change the color of the lighting according to your mood or in the single color version, it can be yours staring at $54,95 for a 5 meter kit, including a power supply and a controller. At that price, it makes it easy to say goodbye to your old neon!

That being said, we strongly suggest that you go have a look at LED Montreal ‘s store located in the Chateau St-Ambroise. There’s even free parking for the first 30 minutes behind the building. And while you’re there, you’ll definitely want to take a moment to have a cold beer on the terrace of l’Ambroisie, located just below the store or to simply enjoy the scenery of Canal Lachine.

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