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10 Meter RF LED Strip Bundle: 2 x 150 LED RGB Strip

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10 Meter RF LED Strip Bundle: 2 x 150 LED RGB Strip

You probably have always wanted to install a 10 Meter RBG LED Strip in your living room or under your kitchen cabinets but did not have the required space for the controller and its not always convenient remote captor. Well, you can now go ahead with your project, thanks to LED Montreal’s 10 Meter RF RBG 2 x 150 LED Strip Bundle.

Including 300 RGB LED lights spread over 2 x 5 meters RBG LED Strips (for a total of 10 meters), this kit stands out with its Radio Frequency operated micro controller and 10 key remote control. The remote control offers a wide range of features such as powering on and off of the Strip and manual change of colors among the 16 available.  Furthermore, it will allow you to browse through several automatic color change modes while allowing you to control the speed of those changes. Best of all, you can use all the remote features from a distance of up to 30 meters without even wondering about walls or obstacles, thanks to the Radio Frequency technology.


Package includes:

2 x 5 meter 150 LEDs 5050 Super RGB Flash SMD LED.
1 RF Controller
1 RF Remote control
1 Power adaptor (12v 6A)

To make a 10 meter strip, simply connect the second strip at the end of the first one.

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