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24V RGB LED strip kit for bedroom with RF control (5 to 20m, 30 LED/m)

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24V RGB LED strip kit for bedroom with RF control (5 to 20m, 30 LED/m)

This multi-color LED (RGB) Strip kit is a quick and effective way to enhance the decor of a room. Whether for a living room, a child's, a teenager's room or a larger area, this Strip kit installs in minutes!

Unlike most products available on the market, our Strip is professional grade. It is therefore cUL certified for use in Canada (the Quebec building code requires certification for lighting), is super bright and has a high quality self-adhesive. It should be noted that this Tape is offered iP20 (without silicone coating).

Note that if your kit exceeds 10m, you will receive two transformers and two controllers with wireless synchronization technology. All you have to do is program your controllers on the same zone and the controllers will automatically sync wirelessly, giving you perfect color changes at all times. Everything will be controlled by a single remote control! No need to physically connect the two parts of the kit, the controller takes care of everything. You can even connect the two parts of your kit each at one end of the room! The controllers have a range of almost 30 meters! The synchronization and zones function is not available for 5 to 10 m kits.

The kit includes: RGB iP20 30LED/m RGB Strips(s) (in 5 or 10m version depending on the kit ordered), a radio frequency remote control, the controller(s) needed for your project, a transformer which connects to the wall for each controller and one 3 meter RGB extension per controller.

RGB stands for red-green-blue. The 5050 RGB chips emit a 120-degree light beam and has the 3 colors integrated in each chip: this allows to create a multitude of different colors by mixing red, green and blue at different levels. The controller supplied with this kit allows you to get more than 250 different colors. Note that the RGB chip does not create true white.

The RGB LED strips have a 4-wire connection, which means that they can only be used via an RGB controller, like the one included in our kit. The included remote control will allow you to adjust the intensity of your Strip and change colors manually or through automated color change models. The intensity of the RGB Strip cannot be adjusted via a standard wall dimmer.

You can customize the configuration of your LED lighting because this Strip can be cut every 5 LEDs. The RGB LED Strip is flexible vertically but cannot be folded horizontally. If you need to get around an obstacle or turn a corner, we recommend soldering a 4-strand wire on your Strip. Soldering ensures a solid connection and minimal voltage loss. Quick connectors are available and are only recommended if you have 1 or 2 connections to make. If you want to use a connector, use our iP20 connectors type grip and clip
Your RGB LED Strip is equipped with a high-quality 3M adhesive. This adhesive is intended to be installed on a clean, non-shiny metal surface. The LED strips are not designed to be installed on varnished or shiny surfaces.

What you get, depending on the length you ordered:

5m – 1 x 5m Strip, a controller + 1 zone RF touch remote control, a 24V 1.5A transformer
10m - 1 x 10m Strip, a controller + 1 zone RF touch remote control, a 24V 3A transformer
15 m - 1 x 10m Strip + 1 x 5m Strip, 1 Multi Zone remote control, 2 wireless synchronization controllers, 1 x 24V 1.5A transformer and a 1 x 24V 3A transformer
20 m - 2 x 10m Strips, 1 Multi Zone remote control, 2 wireless synchronization controllers, 2 x 24V 3A transformers

Installing the LED strip kit for the bedroom is easy.

Start by installing the 4-wire adapter in the screw connections of your controller, taking care to draw the wiring at least 1.5cm. The connection is made as follows:
Terminal R - Red wire
Terminal G - Green wire
Terminal B - Blue wire
Terminal (+) - White or Black wire (depending on the adapters)

1. Connect the plug of the transformer to the wall socket.

2. Connect the male connector of the transformer to the female connector of the controller. Note that the wall outlet measures 1.2m (about 4 feet) and that the wire coming out of the transformer to the controller also measures 1.2m
3. If the extension of 3 meters is required, connect it to the controller making sure that the arrows are opposite -> <-
4. Take your measurements, remove the backing from the tape and tape it in place. Warning! The tape is super sticky, once in place it will be difficult to peel it off. Once installed, connect the Strip to the extension or directly to the Controller making sure that the arrows on the connector are opposite -> <-
If the Strip is too long, you can shorten it, the cutting lines are clearly identified every 5 LED

If you ordered a 15 or 20m kit, you will need to program your controllers. Note that you should program both controllers on the same Zone. 5 and 10m kits do not require programming.

Strip Specifications:
Certification: cULus E498952
Voltage available: 24V DC
Chip: 5050 RGB SMD
5M roll, 30LED/m. 150 LED total
Lighting angle: 120 degrees
Can be cut: All 5 LEDs (16.5cm)
Strip Width: iP20: 10mm
Maximum Power consumption: 7.2W / meter
Must be powered by a Class 2 transformer
Operation temperature: 40C to -10C
IP20, non protected: Suitable for dry environment
Dimmable: Yes, through the remote
Heat Dissipation: Not necessary, unless used in a commercial environment

Power supplies:
24V 1.5A
24V 3A

Controller(s) and Remote

Professional grade products

Canadian and American Certifications

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