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12V Single Color 3528 120 LED/m 5m LED Strip Kit

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12V Single Color 3528 120 LED/m 5m LED Strip Kit

The Epistar Single Color 5 Meter 3528 LED Strip kit allows you to create a 5m (16 feet) long super bright LED lighting. Ideal to really light up under your kitchen cabinets or to enhance any store display, the Epistar Single Color 5 Meter 3528 LED Strip kit features self adhesive iP65+ splash proof silicone-covered strips.

LED Montreal offers a range of Certified Low Voltage LED Strips intended for industry professionals such as designers, architect and cabinetmakers. Although the Quebec Building Code exempts LED Strips of under 30V from certification requirements (as LED Strips are not Light Fixtures), we understand that some clients will still want to acquire the best product available on the market. Our Certified 12V LED Strips will perfectly answer your clientele’s certification needs, even if their project is located in the USA.

This 3528 LED Strip offers 120 LEDs per meter over a 5m Strip for a total of 600 LED per Strip, an brightness of 850 lumens per meter and a 120 degree lighting angle. Versatile, it can be cut at every 3 LED (approx 2.5cm) to perfectly fit your project. To better suite your existing decor, we have made the Certified 3014 Strip available in 3 shades of white: Warm White (3000k), Natural White (4500k) and Cool White (6000k).

The 3528 LED Strip with 120 LED per meter requires 9.6W of power per meter (we recommend using 12W to ensure a proper load on you LED driver) and can be dimmed with one of our compatible dimmer. The Certified 3528 LED Strip emits a continuous flow of Light (without the standard dot effect of LEDs) when you combine it with our specially designed LED Aluminum profile. Imagine how amazed your guests will be when they see a thin light bar that looks exactly like a neon. This strip is ideal for under counter lighting as it produces a good luminous flux without being too bright. In a nutshell, it's a great replacement for the standard 5050 Strip as it produces almost the same amount of light while using less energy and generating only a fraction of the heat. Looking for a brighter LED Strip? Check out the 3014 LED Strip from LED Montreal.

It is highly recommended to use this LED Strip with a proper heat sink. Most commonly used heat sink are aluminum profiles sd they ensure that your LED Strip perform at its best for the longest time.

By default the strip in the kit is rated at iP20.
This LED Strip offers no protection from water and dust.

You can select the iP65+ silicon protection in the dropdown menu.
Rated at iP65+, this LED Strip offers a protection from water splashes and dust. Furthermore, there are no solderless connectors available for the Certified 3528 LED Strip. Given its high intensity, we recommend using 20 AWG wire should you need to make connections between parts of LED Strips. If you‘re not in a position to make proper soldering, our Team will be happy to cut and solder your Strips according to your needs, starting at 9.95$ per section. A 3 to 5 business day delay is required to complete your project. Contact us for more details.

This kit includes a 12V Single Color 3528 120LED/m 5m Strip (3000K, 4500 or 6000K) and a 12V power supply. (You can add the dimmer with the drop down menu. You can refer to it for the dimmers' cost).


LED Strip :
Certification: cULus E498952
Voltage available: 12VDC
Chip: Epistar 3528 SMD
120 LED chips per meter
Lighting angle: 120 degrees
Can be cut: All 3 LEDs (2.5 cm)
Strip Width: iP20: 8mm
Strip Width: iP65+: 10mm
Power consumption: 9.6W / meter
Recommended transformer: 12W/ meter, must be powered by a Class 2 transformer
Typical luminous flux: 800 lumens/m (will slightly vary depending on Kelvin Degrees chosen)
Available colors: 2700K / 3000K / 4000K / 6000K
Operation temperature: 40C to -10C
For indoor use only
Dimmable: Yes, through a remote/ wall panel or dimmable power supply

Power supply:
Output Power 12V 6A (72W)
Certification: cULus
Size: 14 cm x 6 cm x 3.5 cm
AC High voltage wire: 122 cm
DC Low voltage wire: 140 cm

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