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24V IP20 3014 Warm White Cool White Adjustable LED Strip Kit

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24V IP20 3014 Warm White Cool White Adjustable LED Strip Kit

This is it! This is the newest technology to control the degree of white of your whole lighting universe. Go from 2700K (warm white) to 4500K (natural white) to 6500K (cool white) with this adjustable strip kit.

With the 24V IP20 3014 Warm White Cool White Adjustable LED Strip Kit from LED Montreal, you get more bang for your buck! Instead of having to purchase two strips to get a warm white effect and cool white lighting, this kit with its adjustable strip permits you to get everything you need.

Like all High Intensity Strips, the UL Listed 3014 Strips MUST benefit from proper heat dissipation in order to ensure proper performance and durability. Attempting to install this LED Strip on an improper surface may permanently damage the Strip and surface. In order to obtain proper heat dissipation, you must install the 3014 LED Strip in a compatible Aluminum profile.

Even if you’re a newbie to all of this, you can start shaping your dream house with the 24V IP20 3014 Warm White Cool White Adjustable LED Strip Kit which includes a 24V 4A Power Supply, a RF Multi Zone Remote, a CTT controller and a 5m CTT Adjustable Strip that will permit you to create the most beautiful lighting arrangement. Add as many CTT Controllers as you want and assign them all to one of the 4 available Zones and you can start operating every single CCT Adjustable LED Strip in your house.

The RF Multi Zone Remote and CTT Controller - Cool White and Warm White is to be used with the CCT adjustable Strip ONLY. A CCT (correlated color temperature) Adjustable LED Strip, better known as a Warm White Cool White led strip, allows you to choose the tone of white that your LED Strip will output. Go from warm white to cool white with the same strip. Isn’t that just amazing?

The Multi Zone RF remote operates on 2.4 GHz frequency, giving it a range of at least 20 meters and the RF signal doesn’t require you to point at the controller. The center touchpad gives you control over the brightness of your lighting (up-down) AND the control over the tone of white of your Strip (left-right). You can also assign an unlimited amount of Adjustable CCT LED strips to whichever one of the 4 available Zones. Those items can be synced and controlled together, within the same zone. So if you set 2 x 5 meter bundles on Zone 1, for example, and then turn Zone 1 on with the remote, all your LED Strips will turn on.

The 4 Zone set up is just awesome and so convenient!

A few examples:

  • Control the lighting in your kitchen on Zone 1, your bedroom on Zone 2, your living room on Zone 3 and your recreation room on Zone 4.
  • Divide a room in two zones and control one side with Zone 1 and the other side using Zone 2.
  • Alternatively, you could set up the whole house on a single zone and have all your strips turn on and off in sync... that’s how powerful and versatile this kit is!

Adding on to a Zone is easy!

For a new product or a product that has never been linked before:

  1. Disconnect the power supply from the controller to switch off the light(s) you want to program.
  2. Turn the light back on and within 3 seconds; press the ON (│) button of the Zone you want to assign (1 to 4) on the remote control.
  3. The light will slowly flash 3 times to indicate that it was successfully linked.
 You can repeat this procedure for each light product you want to add to a Zone.

Change a light from one zone to another.

If the light you want to add to a Zone was previously assigned to a different one, you will first need to unlink that light.

  1. Identify which Zone the light is currently assigned to.
  2. Disconnect the power supply to turn off the light(s) you want to program. 
  3. Power the light back on and within 3 seconds; press the ON (│) button of the previously assigned Zone 5 times quickly. 
  4. You can then proceed and program your light according to the add-on procedure outlined above.

For extensive instructions on how to install your Multi Zone setup, VISIT THIS PAGE. 

Strip Specifications:

IP20 LED Strip with 3M adhesive tape
For indoor use only with proper heat dissipation
Certification: UL for Canada and USA
5M roll: 240LED/m. 1200 LED total
LED type: 3014 SMD
Strip width: 10mm
Required Power: 16W/m at 24V
Luminous flux: approx. 1100 lm/m (depending on CCT)
CRI Color Rendition Index: >90
Wires: 3 strands

Kit Includes:

• 1-5 meter IP20 3014 CCT LED Strip 240LED/m. 1200 LED total
• 24V 4A Transformer
• RF Multi Zone Remote
• CTT Controller

As always, our team of experts from LED Montreal is available should you have any question or require assistance putting your project including the 24V IP20 3014 Warm White Cool White Adjustable LED Strip Kit together.

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