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120V LED Rope Light Accessories and Connectors - 39 LEDs/m

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120V LED Rope Light Accessories and Connectors - 39 LEDs/m

LED Montreal offers a variety of 120V LED Rope Light Accessories and Connectors to help you customize your project.
The Rope-to-Rope Two Pin Connector permits you to join two 25m Rope Lights together, so that you may reach a length of up to 50m. Cut the end of the 120V LED Rope Light in order to expose the Rope’s connections, and slide the heat shrink tube in place on one end of the 120V LED Rope Light, and add the Rope-to-Rope Two Pin Connector to your 120V LED Rope light, and join together.
Warning: you will notice that the connector is not perfectly aligned with the center of the Rope Light. This is intentionally conceived so that you respect the Rope’s polarity. Join the other end of the Rope Light assuring the polarity is respected, and cover your connection with a shrink tube. Heat the Shrink Tube so that it completely seals your connection. 
Although double sided 3M tape may be sufficient to fasten your 120V LED Rope Light for most projects, the screw-attached Clips are recommended for installation in areas that are windy, atypical or to solidify installations where 3M double-sided tape is used. Offered in packs of 20, these clips are tailors made for the 120V LED Rope Light.  
To customize your project and adapt it to your desired measurements, you can cut your 120V LED Rope Light every 75 cm (3 in). It is important to safeguard the endings of the Rope Light from the 120V current. The End Caps will permit you to securely shelter your Rope’s end with an aesthetic finishing. We recommend fixing the End Cap with silicon or PVC glue.
The 120V LED Rope Light Corner and T Shape Connector as its name suggests, permits you to achieve perfect right angles for your application. The installation concept is exactly the same as with the Rope-to-Rope Two Pin Connectors but is done with the Polarized Two Pin Connector. The rounded pins go into the Corner or T Shape connector, while the long and pointed pins connect to your 120V LED Strip.  Note that the Shrink Tube is not included with the Corner Connectors.
The 120V LED Rope Light Shrink Tube is solid and waterproof. The glue-coated interior which hardens once cooled, provides an incomparable adherence and waterproofing. Install the Shrink Tube on the connection, then heat the Shrink Tube using a heat gun. The Shrink Tube will adjust to the Rope’s diameter within seconds. 
The AC/DC Electrical Extension for your 120V LED Rope Light is very useful should you wish to cut your 25 meter 120V Rope Light, and use the remaining part for another application. The AC/DC Electrical Extension is available is two lengths, either 60 cm (2’ ft) or 180 cm (6’ ft).  It has an included 120V AC/DC converter and measures 5.5cm x 3cm. You cannot substitute the 120V Rope Light AC/DC Electrical Extension by a standard extension. The AC/DC Electrical Extension must be installed at the cut point of your 120V Rope Light using the Polarized Two Pin Connector which has two polarized pins one one side: the rounded side connects to the AC/DC Electrical Extension and the side with the long and pointed pins connects to your 120V Rope Light. 
As with all high voltage connections, we recommend adding Shrink Tube to secure and seal all joints.  
The accessories can be found in the drop-down menu:
1. Rope-to-Rope Two Pin Connector
2. Polarized Two Pin Connector
3. Clips (Pack of 20)
4. End Cap
5. Shrink Tube
6. Corner Connector
7. T Shape Connector
8a. 2 Feet AC/DC Extension 
8b. 6 Feet AC/DC Extension
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