24V 5m iP20 2216 Single Color LED Strip - 300 LEDs/m (Strip Only)

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24V 5m iP20 2216 Single Color LED Strip - 300 LEDs/m (Strip Only)

Affordable LED lighting does not have to be low quality LED Lighting. This 24V, 2216 LED Strip will deliver great ambient lighting at an incredible price. Offered in three types of White (3000K), Natural White (4000K), Daylight (5000K), it’s perfect for a classy accent lighting to any room.

This LED Strip features 300 2216 LED Chips (2.2mm x 1.6mm) per meter over a 5m roll. These Chips give a 120-degree light beam and a light output of 1450 lumens per meter. Rated at iP20, this LED UL Listed Strip offers no protection from water and dust.

Your LED Strip is equipped with a high-quality 3M adhesive. This adhesive is intended for installation on a clean, heat dissipating surface such as an aluminum profile.

This Single Color 24V Led Strip is cULus Listed. This means that is has been tested for electrical safety according to Canadian Standards when powered with a compliant Class 2 Power supply. It also means that it will pass the toughest building inspections both in Canada and the USA.

We use custom high quality 2 OZ PCB (Printed Circuit Board) to manufacture our LED Strips to ensure a consistent brightness throughout the 24V Strip.

Forecast a power supply at 24VDC of 17W + 25% = 21W (0.88mA) per meter for your installation (105W for the complete Strip). Consult our page about power supplies to know more about the required power for your LED strip and to see our line of available power supplies.

This LED strip comes in a 5m spool and is equipped with 2-wire connection on one end and another 2-wire connection on the other end. The two-wire connection is used to connect two strips together or to hook up your Strip to a hard-wired power supply.

You can customize your LED Lighting set up as this Strip can be cut every 6 LEDS. The 5m 2216 Strip is flexible vertically but cannot be bent horizontally. Should you need to bypass an obstacle or turn a corner, we recommend that  you solder 2 strand wire onto your Strip. Soldering ensures a solid connection and minimal voltage loss.

The 300 LEDs/m 24V 2216 iP20 Single Color LED Strip is fully dimmable. You can either dim it through a remote control or a wall panel with one of our low voltage dimmers or you can dim it using an LED compatible wall dimmer when combined with one of our dimmable power supplies.

Certification: cULus E498952
Voltage available: 24VDC
Chip: Epistar 2216 SMD
300 LED chips per meter
Lighting angle: 120 degrees
Can be cut: All 6 LEDs (2cm)
Strip Width: iP20: 10mm
Self-adhesive: 3m
Power consumption: 17W / meter
Recommended transformer: 21W/ meter, must be powered by a Class 2 transformer
Typical luminous flux: 1450 lumens/m (will slightly vary depending on Kelvin Degrees chosen)
Available colors: 3000K / 4000K / 5000K
CRI: 90+
Operation temperature: 40C to -10C
For indoor use only
Dimmable: Yes, through a remote/ wall panel or dimmable power supply
Heat Dissipation: Necessary

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Visit the Single Color LED Strip Buyer's Guide page for the basics of what you need to know about Single Color LED Strips to help you choose the correct LED Strip for your application

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