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12” Bi-Color and RGB LED Ring Vlogging Kit MOBIRL12R (Mobifoto)

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12” Bi-Color and RGB LED Ring Vlogging Kit MOBIRL12R (Mobifoto)

This multicolour ring light is designed for use with today's smartphones in portrait or landscape mode. It consists of 96 LEDs for daylight or tungsten illumination and 48 RGB LEDs for rich colour and can produce up to 15 different colours. This kit also includes a reverse-folding light stand for easy mounting, as well as a mini ball head to mount your ring light to get the perfect lighting angle. It also comes with a flexible smartphone mount with capabilities to mount it in portrait or landscape mode.


• Light source: 96 regular LEDs; 48 RGB LEDs
• Colour range: Daylight, Tungsten, RGB
• Colour temperature: adjustable from 3000°K to 5500°K
• Dimming range: 100% to 10%
• Runs cool for close up use
• Produces a soft, directional light
• Great for unique lighting effects, macro and its signature catch lights
• Colour correct for perfect skin tones
• Wireless remote adds instant ability to change colours, temperature, brightness and modes
• Power source: USB
• Weight: 0.27 kg (0.6 lb) (ring light only)
• Ring light dimensions: Outer: 29.9 em (11.8"), Inner: 22.9 em (9")
• Included accessories: remote control, flexible stick smartphone mount, mini ball head, 4-section reverse-folding stand, padded carry case and 2 AAA batteries


1. Loosen the Lock Knob on the light stand to expand the leg braces. Spread the legs
out and then lock the Lock Knob to secure.
2. To raise the light stand to your desired height, loosen respective lock knobs on each
light stand section and raise each one until you have reached your desired height. Make sure to tighten the lock knobs.
3. Attach the mini ball head to the 1/4”-20 threaded screw mount of the light stand.
4. Take the 12" RGB Ring Light and screw it on the mini ball head.
5. Tighten the lock knob on the ball head to ensure that it is securely mounted before releasing the ring light

1. Take the Flexible Smartphone Adapter and screw it into the 1/4"-20 receptacle located inside of the ring light.
2. Once secure, insert your smartphone by stretching the spring-loaded mount and inserting the smartphone into the mount. When you release the mount, it will tightly clamp your smartphone, keeping it secure.
3. To change the orientation from portrait to landscape, rotate the mount to the desired orientation.
4. You may bend the flexible mount so that it may extend in front of your ring light. You may also bend it to any desired angle, and it will hold its position.
5. To remove your smartphone, simply stretch the ends of the smartphone mount to release the smartphone. The smartphone adapter can hold smartphones from 6.35 em (2.5") - 8.38 com (3.3") wide in physical size.

Your included remote is used to control all of the functions of your ring light, including turning on and off, switching between lighting modes and adjusting light intensity.
1. Connect the built-in USB cord on your ring light to a USB charger, power bank or AC adaptor (not included).
2. Install 2 included AAA batteries in the remote.
3. Press the Power button on the remote.

1. For Daylight or Tungsten functions, press 5,500K for Daylight mode or 3,000K for Tungsten mode.
2. To make incremental adjustments between Daylight and Tungsten, press the CCT + or CCT - buttons.

1. Press the RGB Power button on the remote.
2. Press RGB - or RGB + to adjust the level of brightness.
3. Change the colors by pressing the corresponding color buttons on the remote.

FLASH: Quickly flashes between all colours
STROBE: Slowly pulsates daylight illumination from brighter to dimmer.
FADE: Transitions between the various colors with slight overlap of colors. Adjust the transition speed by pressing and holding the RGB - or RGB + buttons
SMOOTH: Transitions between the various colors with no overlap of colors. Adjust the transition speed by pressing the RGBT - or RGB + buttons.

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