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20 Cool or Warm White Single LED Modules (Module Only)

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20 Cool or Warm White Single LED Modules (Module Only)

These ultra bright Cool or Warm White LED modules are perfect for small projects requiring LED Lighting. Use this kit to light up scale models, parts of a costume or backlight small objects as the LEDs in this kit can be also be used separately, as a partial kit or combined with other  kits.  This LED kit can also be battery powered should you need to travel around with your project.

The kit includes 20 Cool or Warm White LED Modules of 1.7cm each, each module is self adhesive and can be twisted or arranged to fit your design. The 6cm wires between each module will allow you to group your modules closer from one another or further apart to get exactly the required lighting for your project. The total length of the 20 Module kit is 1.6m meters. It is possible to connect up to 4 sets of 20 modules to a single circuit for a total of 80 LEDs which, when completely extended, can stretch to an amazing 6.4 meters.
Note that this set does not include a power supply, we recommend using a 12V 1A power supply per 20 module (power supply is sold separately). Don’t worry if you need to cut your kit and use just a few LEDs, they will take the power they need from the supply and there so no chance of “overpowering” your LED modules. However, make sure that you use at least the minimum required power as under powering your LED modules could damage them.  

Spill proof (iP65, Silicon covered) with Adhesive Tape on the back of the LED Modules
Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage (-10 to 40°C) (not exposed to the element)
20 modules of 2.25cm + 6cm of wires between each module, total length for 20 modules = 1.6 meters
LED type: Epistar High intensity 5050 SMD
Compatible with DC 12V dimmers
20 modules of 2.25cm + 6cm of wires between each module (20 LEDs in total)

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